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  1. Dears allen2, Ponch, IcemanND, Tripredacus, Thanks a lot for your help... I have solved the problem. I am thankfull to all of you..... Have never seen a helpful forum and ppl like this before. I inject the driver as of IDE standard and it works. Thanks and Best Regards, Mudassar Iqbal
  2. Dear Allen2, Thanks for your reply. I follow the procedure and in the driver injection i could only get success through STANDARD IDE option no SATA option works..... But my Drive is SATA . Everything works ok but when i connect CD/DVD drive which is IDE on PATA 0. I start system and windows XP boots and after a while its checking C drive but stuck on 0 %. when i start in Safe mode it stucks on MUP.sys and drive shows activity. I left it for 2 hours but same screen shows. Please advise what to do now?
  3. Hello Experts, As IcemanND said, i got the BSOD and screen shot is attached. Allen2 sir you are also right the as you said in the beging that problem can be because of hard drive driver. BSOD also shows same. KINDLY help me how i can solve tis issue now. SO OBLIDGED to all of YOU. I have connected that SATA drive with my Laptop now as external on USB and can explore its folders.... Please advise what to do now?
  4. Thanks allen2, you think is it bcoz of hard drive driver issue? its stucking on MUP.sys file i saw when running on safe mode but still restarts. Ok i try it by injecting driver. but as you said earlier that i can do with options "The fastest way to solve is look in GX620 bios for a setting called "sata controller mode" or something and set it to "Ide/ata/compatibility mode" or use "driver injection" from a working computer to add the ahci drive".So why first option which i tried didnt work?//////// Do you think this second option will work?? Please advise what driver i need for the harddrive? and if you can mentioned the procedure where and how to inject this driver of Hard....I have BARTPE and also have other PC to make this hard drive as secondary. Please mention how i can do it??? Thanks for your help...
  5. Dear IcemanND , As mentioned above, i got Nortong GOHST created image from vendor in which many softwares are included like EDIUS, NORTON COMAMANDER, NERO, PDF factory, PDF creator, PDF photo and many others. That vendor is not supplying any of these S/Ws as seprate as he doesnt want to give out the regisstration key or no. And he told me that this ghost image was created on Intel 915/945 motherboard. I have Dell GX620 which is also 945 Mboard but i cant run the WinXP as mentioned above. I have already paid him 600USD for this image and cant offord more to change H/W again to Intel motherboard. He told me that this image he installed on Gateway, HP and INTEL computers and its working. But for DELL i dont know what the issue.... PLEase help me out t sole this issue. Thanks and Best Regards,
  6. Dear allen2, I tried to change it to compatibility mode. And my HDD is SATA. but same restarting problem persists. what could be the done now to solve this issue. If you advise me driver injection pls. write in detail how to do as im not much aware of it. Also i have tried by degarding the BIOS version from A-11 to all mentioned on Dell website for this desktop, but no success. Note: When i start the same GX620 cmputer and run in safe mode, it stucks on MUP.sys driver under \\windows\system32\drivers then restarts. what is this MUP file. i copied this file from a working computer but same problem. Also i copied whole "drivers" folder from a wokring PC to thid GX620 but no success. Please help Dear Admin, Sorry if anything goes wrong from my side. Thanks and Best Regards,
  7. Dear Experts, I have Ghost image designed for INTEL 915/945 chipset.It inclused full backup of drive means OS (WinXP) + Applications S/Ws. I have Dell GX620 system which has 82801 chipset. When i installed image on this PC and start, The winXP is restarting during boot-up. I think this is due to different chipset. Can anyone Please help me out how i can RUN this image which is designed for 915 chipset but on GX620 Dell Tower computer. I tried to install the Ghost Imag on orioginal INTEL 915 board and then connect the hard drive with GX620 same windows restarting problems persists but when i put back the same hard in 915 it works. This Ghost image has very expensive licensed S/W, so i need to solve this issue on same Gx620 H/W. Waiting for reply..... Thanks in ADVANCE,
  8. Dear all, The problem for ICS has been solved.How it is solved: 1. I installed WINXP SP-3 but "NO SUCCESS" 2. As i was on Domain with AD and trying with domian alloted user name and password as well as loging in with admin user/pass. on local machine. I checked in policies no where ICS was disabled but "NO SUCCESS" 3. I thought why shouldn't i try to disjoin the domain and use workgroup. I joined workgroup and checked ICS is working ok. Conclusion: AD domain ploicies were not allowing ICS to get enabled. that's why message was appearing as: ICS has been disabled by network administrator".
  9. Hello Experts, I'm facing problem with ICS in WinXP professioanl ver2002 SP2. I have 2-NICs in my Laptop one bulit-in and one in PCMCIA slot. built in card is getting IP from DHCP server and PCMCIA one is with static IP of SM When i goo to enable ICS in the built in card it shows that ICS has been disabled by network administrator. I tried to enable it a lot but couldn't. Also i checked for malware on my computer but nothing. Even i have reinstalled the windows. IN last what i come to know that when i disconnect network cable the ICS options are avilable and when i make it enable and reconect with net cable it again vanished. After disconnecting the cable on either card ICS gets enabled. Its much frustrating. Please advise how the problem can be solved Waiting for the reply at your earliest.. Best Regards, Mudassar Iqbal
  10. Hello from mudassar iqbal to all experts and members. Regards,

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