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  1. Learning to create CAT files

    I believe I found the answer myself. I misunderstood the purpose of the .CAT file. I did more searching since my previous post and happened upon an explanation that answered my question. Thanks
  2. Learning to create CAT files

    Thanks, but I guess I should explain more. I was able to get makecat.exe and mscat32.dll. What I am looking for is documentation on the details. What do I need to do to create the catalog files. I imagine from reading the files inside of a catalog that there is much to be learned to create the .inf and others files, to convert a .CAB or a KB executable to a .CAT. Unless I am completely misunderstanding the process and the makecat.exe does it all for you. I have a Unix/Linux background so I'm not afraid to read docs or create and edit text files. I'm just having trouble finding out where to start.
  3. I done a lot of searching on MSFN and the internet for any documentation on how to create CAT files for unattended installs. The only thing I have discovered is that I need to use makecat.exe and mscat32.dll. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.