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  1. I think my xp disk is bad, Need help

    The disk is Xp pro sp 2 and is not OEM or retail but a form of a bulk or multi licence. The disk says "Systems Student Media" and was purchased from my college book store in a plasitic sleave with a cd-key sticker. The key IS valid as there they have a big box of disks with seperate keys. The main difference is that the disk and key were much cheaper (as it was the student edition) than a standard retail version. No one has used the disk before and it is 2 years old (I didn't buy it for myself but thats a long story). The optical disk had better not be faulty. I use it regularly and would be really mad as my notebook (the one with the drive) just came back from repairs due to a faulty motherboard. They did a full inspection as this is the second mobo it has gone through. EDIT: CDCHECK recover option did NOT manage to copy the bad files either, however now I do have a list of the corupt files
  2. I think my xp disk is bad, Need help

    When nLite gets about 90% done on copying the files from my xp pro disk it freaks out and starts spouting errors about bad data on the disk. I can only assume this is due to a corrupt disk, as I have tried to install the OS directly and get installation errors midway through. Is there any way of getting a new disk (yes, I do have a CD key) or just the files short of getting it off of the Pirate Bay. Also, if I do find a disk, does it matter what SP it is? I have heard of people having issues using a SP 2 era key (which I have) with an SP 3 disk. Thank you for your help EDIT: managed to get nLite to "complete" copying the files by continiously clicking ok on errors, 14 files did not copy. no ideas on the file names