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  1. I just have a quick question about the DevicePath key itself ... If you are going to add additional directories for Windows to scan when it detects new hardware, how should that be put into this key? I saw one post somewhere on Microsoft's page that said to separate directories with a semi-colon. But, the the key type for DevicePath is MULTI_SZ, and I noticed that if you go into the Registry Editor and manually edit the key, you can actually press ENTER to insert a carriage return and put stuff on a different line. Am I making sense? In other words, which of these is right? (Or will both work
  2. OK everyone ... I figured out what was going on ... actually, thanks to thepeterp for pointing out my code errors Unfortunately, that wasn't the only cause of my problems (because I realized the errors in the code shortly after I'd posted the help request here, and Reader still wasn't installing correctly). Anyway, when I downloaded Acrobat Reader from Adobe, they offered different packages for download. One was an EXE compiled installer (which was what you saw in my earlier post.) A different package was a good ole fashioned MSI package. I downloaded the MSI package and made changes to t
  3. Thanks a TON! I actually had the right settings all along ... which is probably why I couldn't find any "other" registry keys to change on the net. The reason my code wasn't working was because I was putting the setting under the wrong key. My code had [HKEY_CURRENT_USER ....] instead of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE ....]. For whatever reason, the code I was using under the HKCU key worked to change the Start Menu to the Classic Style on first login, but setting the NoSimpleStartMenu value to 0 under the HKCU key wouldn't change it back. Oh well ... it works under the HKLM key, and I guess it doesn
  4. Greetings ... I have been searching everywhere for an answer to this question ... Google and everything else keeps sending me to garbage that talks about everything EXCEPT what I'm trying to do ... What I'm trying to do is simple. I am working on an install / Windows Setup CD. I need a clean desktop without anything on it (including the Start Menu) for a phase during my setup. So, I figured out that I can make everything work by switching WinXP into the Classic Start Menu mode via the registry. I just apply the registry patch before the first user login, and then WinXP doesn't automaticall
  5. Greetings all, please forgive me if this problem has been addressed or mentioned elsewhere on the forums. Doing a search did not turn up anything related to my particular problem - which is with Adobe Reader 9, and the last option after it, CLEANUP.CMD - they don't seem to want to work as I need them to without being run from a user who is actually logged on. Does that make sense? Basically, I've been working on a custom WinXP Pro SP3 installation disc. So far, I've successfully integrated the following software: (My source disc was WinXP Pro x86 with SP2.) Service Pack 3 (This was integrat
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