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  1. Hi everybody, I have no idea why my office( 2010 professional plus) cannot open files(I mean all type: doc,docx,ppt,pptx,xls,xlsx ...) downloaded via browser. By default, all files downloaded via browser are saved in C:\Users\myname\Downloads, and I cannot open these files. But everything will be fine if I upload these files then download by IDM. I need your help. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi everyone! My problem is that Word 2010 cannot open files created by the 2003 version. However, if it is a file created by the 2007 version, I can open it ! What should I do now, help me how to open that .doc file in word 2010 Try with a file I attach ! Thanks! GMATC3.doc
  3. here is my output (on IE8): INDEX.HTM Menu has 6 elements HOME.ASPX (Master-Page: Default.master) here, menu has only 4 elements and some imgs disappear.... at design tab in VS 2008 it had different: INDEX.HTM DEFAULT.MASTER div tag at download.jpg,register.jpg's location are differrent from INDEX.HTM, menu has too... HOME.ASPX master-page is wrong, so this page is wrong ! But problem is "it's show all imgs here but nothing in IE !" PLEASE HELP ME ! THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY
  4. Hi everybody. I've a project webapp (asp.net) = vs 20008, below Code: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=f59ddc6...2db6fb9a8902bda (it's only 295,21KB) I created GUI in index.htm , and now I want to create a master-page with index' s GUI, but it cannot display as i expect, the size is changed, menu cannot display exactly ... please fix it for me , its very important! PLEASEEE HELPPP MEEEE!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ps: sorry for my english!
  5. Original of problem

    Hi ! Sometime , pop-up menu leaves its vestige on screen when i click outside (It should have been disappeared completely). The graphics hardware causes this problem ? Thanks !
  6. HI ! I got into trouble with new logonui.exe when i tried to use it . My trouble is when I set screen resolution at 800x600 , logonui doesn't show the textbox (where i type pass) , but when i set 1024x768 or higher , it shows very well . Maybe this logonui.exe is created for 1024x768 so at 800x600 it doesn't work properly . Can you tell me how to fix it ? Thanks
  7. You want some .exe file auto start at windows startup ? If it's true , you can copy .exe file (or shortcut) into StartMenu>Startup folder , your file will autorun next time ! Other way , in registry , find the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" For each program you want to start automatically create a new string value using a descriptive name, and set the value of the string to the program executable. For example, to automatically start Notepad, add a new entry of "Notepad"="c:\windows\notepad.exe".
  8. Using compression bin you can use 'make cab' with best compression method . More infomation and download here http://www.msfn.org/board/Compression-Bin-12-t80717.html
  9. Hi ! It has BLISS.JP_ in i386 , you can make cab other picture as BLISS and replace !
  10. trouble with setup XP

    Thanks for reply ! I don't want to be a endtime user . I know how to use windows 's setup and now i want to change it ! I used nLite but it only supports new theme ! So i think i can't post in nlite topic! Thanks Aloha I hope someone else can help me this problem !
  11. trouble with setup XP

    Thanks! I used vistapack and vista transform pack too ! But i want to change setup files so after install windows i have new cursors , sounds , screensavers , and vista's welcome screen (without install any pack later!) I tried to 'makecab' new files , and copy to i386 but after install it didn't appear ! Please tell me what soft which can help me change setup file (nlite only change theme )! So you are vietnamese ?
  12. trouble with setup XP

    Hello ! I'm new member ! I have trouble with setup xp and i need your help ! I want to change windows UI (with vista's theme , cursor , sound ... ) , i can change theme (using nlite) but i don't know how do i do that with cursor , sound , screensaver ... So , can you help me ?