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  1. Hi I saw that there is a new nlite Version released and i downloaded it. After i uninstalled the old v1.4.8 and rebooted my computer, i installed the new version and tried to start it. But everytime, when i start it, i get this message (look picture) from nLite, if i want to check a folder with my Win XP copy from original CD. I didn´t change anything, only the nLite Version and now, nothing work. With v1.4.8 i had never Problems. I think, it is a bug in the Programm. XSparrow PS: Sorry for my bad english. Edit: I tried it now on 4 Computers, all work with Win XP Pro 32 bit. Everytime the same result, the Program never want to check a new folder with a XP copy without that error. After i tried it again on the same folder with the version 1.4.8, all works fine. Its absolutly a bug in the version 1.4.9 !!!

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