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  1. Hello I'm using Jeyo mobile compagnion 2.1 for my mobile phone on Windows Mobile On Vista SP1 with no modifications, all my programs installed and the microsoft updates, no problems But, on an unattended version of my Vista SP1, with the same programs installed and the same microsoft updates, some part of the jeyo mobile companion program disapear, some contents of windows are not showed On original Vista: With my vlite version, it look like this Do you know some incompatibility between this program and some windows componants? I have deleted all the languages pack except french, every drivers pack except the storage drivers I leave everything on Compatibility [Compatibility] ACDSee / XnView DriveimageXML DVD Treasury Halo 2 Hauppauge WinTV KMPlayer Logitech Setpoint Paint.NET Zoom Player Aero Glass ; Aero Glass File and printer sharing (Server) ; File and printer sharing (Server) Internet Explorer ; Internet Explorer Internet Information Services (IIS) ; Internet Information Services Recommended ; Recommandé System Restore ; Restauration système Scanners and Cameras ; Scanners and Cameras Windows Fax and Scan ; Windows Fax and Scan And for the rest, i deleted that: [Components] ;# Accessories # Accessibility ; Accessibilité Speech Support ; Support vocal ;# Games # Inbox Games ; Inbox Games Premium Inbox Games ; Premium Inbox Games ;# Multimedia # Music and Video samples ; Echantillons Windows Media Media Center ; Media Center ;# System # Zip Folder ; Dossier ZIP Manual Install (Setup.exe) ; Manual Install (Setup.exe) Natural Language ; Natural Language Tablet PC ; Tablet PC Do you have some ideas about this problem ? Thanx
  2. No, same thing The only solution that i found it's to open the .iso created with vlite, deleting the boot folder, and replace the boot folder original, and it's ok. Curious...
  3. Hello ! First, sorry for my bad english, i'm french I tried to make an unattended version of my Windows Vista Sp1 I choise to make a bootable DVD on the first menu But when i try my ISO with virtual PC, or when i boot from the CD that i have burned, i have this error message: I tried a lot of time, with version 1.1.6 and the last 1.2 RC, and i always got the same error message Can you help me ? Thanx

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