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  1. Gradius2- Let me start off and personally thank you for the work you have done in putting together this guide for us all. I haven't performed the fix yet, but am planning to very soon. I am wondering if it would be at all possible to give a part list with links to a site where you purchased your materials. I already saw your RS232 link but I want to make sure I get the right connectors, wires, battery holders, etc. I hope I am not being to forward. Also I'd like to make a suggestion for you to set up some way that others, including myself, can possibly send a donation as a sign of appreciation for what you have done. If it wasn't for this guide, many people might be forced to pay hundreds of dollars in data recovery fees. .. just a thought.
  2. Count me in for this too!! Unfortunately I haven't made a good back up in a while and lost 6 months of pics of my 18 month old son. So I'm pretty desperate for a solution. Here's an update: I did some general hdd failure searching and found various (not relating to this seagate issue) where people replace the pcb with an exact drive to recover the drive. Any thoughts on this? I admit I'm not entirely sure what this entails, but seems interesting. I would surely but another ~$60 drive and swap the pcb boards for data recovery. Actually I'll probably have to break down in a couple months and pay for professional recovery if nothing turns up with this issuee...
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