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  1. Oh Boy,Am I out to lunch or what? "Cockpit Chatter" Tim
  2. Does someone hv this program that understands it that would help me get going. I find that the index that comes with this program is not very user friendly. Will someone help me if they will.Would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance Tim
  3. Well hi everybody My name is Tim & I just joined and put my first post in. I'm from..........Medicine Hat,Alberta,Canada. It is know as the "Gas City" Lots of natural gas below us. As Rudyard Kipling stated "Medicine Hat has all HELL for a basement" I am glad to share this forum with everybody.Thanks
  4. First of all I wld like to say Hi to all of you.This is my first post in this forum Is there anybody out there that has knowledge of this program.I'm hvg trouble setting the capture to 1024x768. My screen is 1600x1200(to big of capture for recipients) I've read the tuturial over & over and can't figure out how to set it for the size I want & to remain at that size. Tim Diamond

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