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  1. solved. control panel -> user accounts -> "you user" -> manage network passwords
  2. Hello guys, So, here's what I have and what I whant to do I have a FreeBSD server with samba (work's ok). In order to access unix shares over the network I go to My Network Places where I'm presented with a username/password window; I enter them, all is ok, I see shares and can access them. Now, the next time I go to those specific shares windows remembers the usr/pass and automagicly logges me in. This is what I whant to change and have been unable to find on the web how-to acomplish it, more precisely how do I make windows re-ask me the username and password ? I mean, there has to be some sort of file wich stored the hashes of the passwords.... maybe deleting tose hashes would make xp re-ask credentials? then again, wich file is that....
  3. there might be a way (time consuming indeed)... a while ago, I used an app that "traces" every system modification that ocurres after an install. This means that every file is traced and recorded. Now starts the hard part.... .net FW also inserts some key registry in the registry, which might give me a bit of a hard time tracking down, but am able to do that too (regshot). Afterwards, hand pick every file copyed by .Net FW and every key registry and make a silent installer myself (smart install maker can do that). But you do realise what this means right? It means some 5 kg of coffe, some 1 kg of dunhill (black 100's) ciggaretes and 3-4 days of work plus some other 1 or 2 for testing in order to be sure everything is in order. Ain't gonna happen some time soon that's for sure.
  4. Hello ppl, the problem is the title itself. Now, what i tryed already: integrating with nlite (the hotfix button) - doesn't work svcpack - for some darn reason it won't execute it with /Q switch. This is were I began to study this problem. I installed a fresh x64 xp and tryed to install the .net framework x64 with the /Q option; guess what, it ain't workin. package issue? i think so (no other explanation so far) afterwards I tryed with SNM.com script only to find out it ain't workin on x64 only x86 (didn't put alot of thought into that; not just yet) aaahhmm, how should I say this.... aa, HELP !!!