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  1. Just one thing,I can't recall for sure,but I don't need to slipstream SP4 before USP5 do I? I think I just slipstreamed USP5 and then added the updates.
  2. Just wondering how it's coming along,is it just about ready?I was going to make a new disc today with the old one,but I can wait if it's coming soon.Do you have copy I could test,or should I just wait?I'm really excited about this release,so I hope there aren,t any holdups.Anyway,thanks for doing this,I/we appreciate it.
  3. I'm making a Win2k3 SP2 cd with nlite without IE7 & Windows Live Messenger 8.1 installed.Can I download the post sp2 hotfixes and just add them the way they are into nlite?Or do I still need switches and do I need all the hotfixes if I'm not installing IE7 or messenger?I don't recall using switches with my sp1 cd,so I'm a little confused,plus the post assumes an install with ie7 and messenger,but doesn't say anything about an install without them.Any help is appreciated.Thanks.
  4. So,has anyone figured out if this is a safe way to clean the WinSxS folder yet? Or is there another way? I'm running Vista Home Basic SP1,and would sure like to reduce the size of that folder.It's 4.6 gigs right now,compared to XP SP3 at 19.5 megs.I see a couple of posters saying they were working on it,but the last post was Dec 13,07 and it's now March 25,08.Also can this be done on installed system,or only vlite?I hope somebody has figured out a way,because going from less than 20 megs on XP to almost 5 gigs on Vista is bloody ridiculous! Any hope? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.Thanks.
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