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  1. Basically, missing to read the present thread. Quick resume: the thread by Markimoo is rather old there are new versions of grub4dos there are new methods to install grldr (or actually NOT installing it) there is a dedicated Forum with tens of threads delving deeper on the usage of grub4dos there is a new Guide for grub4dos In other words: jaclaz People are sooooo snooty. The time it took to write all of the above is probably more than the time it took to give the answer.
  2. Hi, I have these files in the root on both the nLite CD which stops and the HFSLIP cd which continues through the setup as normal: WIN51 WIN51IS WIN51IS.SP2 WINNT.SIF is not in the root of either the HFSLIP CD or the nLite CD. It's a mystery to me why the message says "Cannot find CD containing" the files when it obviously used the CD to get to that point. It formats the drive and when it is ready to copy to the drive, it says it can't find the very CD which it used up until that point.
  3. HI, I'm puzzled. If I create a slipstream disk with HFSLIP it works fine, but if I do the same with nLite, it gets to the point where it finishes the format of the hard drive and then says it cannot find any source of windows files for the setup! Something odd there because it obviously used the setup files from the CD to get to that point. Any ideas what it could be? Server 2003 x86 Standard edition. Sata drives RAID1. -Bob
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