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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello everyone, I'm a new poster, but believe me, I've studying this thread vigorously these past 4-5 days. I finally FINALLY got my slipstreamed windows xp 64. I took me several days, but I want to post exactly how I fixed my several problems. Problem: I do not have a floppy drive, and I am not gonna pay $40 for a USB floppy drive that I will only use once. I have a sata raid 0 setup. I have the raid drivers on USB stick. One option was to use the BIOS to emulate the floppy drive. It worked ok on the F6 part, but later in the installation, it asks for the raid drivers again to be put into A: drive. The USB didn't seem to emulate the floppy drive at this point. I tried making USB bootable. I tried different programs to convert the USB into an A: drive. Nothing seemed to work. (VERY FRUSTRATING) So, I tried slipstreaming instead... TIPS: 1) Do NOT used CD-RW. I burned the slipstreamed version several times onto the same cd-rw. Each time, it wouldn't boot. Once it did boot (i don't know how) and started windows setup, however I got an error saying something about the sata driver file (setup.c --or something of that sort) could not load and just terminated. Also when I tried to use cd-rw, it could never verify the data, but always said "burned successfully" :rollseyes: Use a CD-R to burn your image. 2) If using NERO to burn the image, do NOT select BOOT(CD-ROM) as the template to use. I never got the cd to start windows setup with this template. Use the File->Burn Image. 3) This whole tutorial is based on nForce drivers. Now I was getting really, really confused because my motherboard (and its documentation) have GeForce (8200 to be exact) chipset and shows the GeForce as the Raid controller (is that even possible?) and I was trying to find the relation between nForce and GeForce. Is it the same thing? Do I used nForce drivers? I used the RAID drivers from my motherboard's website which are exactly the same names this tutorial uses. Everything works ok. So I'm guessing people in my situation wondering whether this can be used for GeForce 8200 chipset, yes it can. So yea, that is about it. I did a lot of trial and error and it finally worked! I hope that anyone else in my situation will read this and avoid lots of lost hours trying to find the correct method and solution. Thanks fernando for the guide!!! Oh yea, btw, I used 2x2GB ram and it installed ok for windows xp 64.