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  1. I mentioned to roll back to IE 5.5 not another IE6. Try downloading Winsockfix tool to register and unregister dlls. You'll need to check that the version supports Win 98. I believe, but not certain, the latest version supports XP upwards.
  2. Hi Bootless. I'm no expert on the Patched Win98, but I too was experiencing the same problems as you've mentiioned last week. I uninstalled Firefox, then rolled back Internet Explorer to the 5.5 version via Add/Remove Programs. Choose uninstall. I then tried to reinstall IE 6 with SP1 but it refused to complete the deal. I put that down to the various unofficial patches and changes from here. For a couple of days I had really smooth surfing, so good that I almost posted on here but realised that was because 5.5 IE was wide open to security risks. Finally I decided to reinstall that latest full unofficial install of Win 98 from 30 June 2008, the one with the whistles and bells and about 250Mb in size. IE 6 SP 1 reinstalled and bar one or two bugs with Flash Player everythings functioning real fine except However I still can't download a number of programs because I get the message: "This program will only function on a Unicode system. I've tried reinstalling UNICOW.EXE but the version already installed won't allow it to update. Tried deleting the old unicow.dll but only get ÄCCESS DENIED. Don't think this has anything to do with the IE and Firefox problem just another bug perhaps the magic workers on here will provide some solution so I can install a couple of XP based programs that the Latest Software working with Win 98SE says I can get to work. It's possible the original Unicows.dll is corrupted or damaged. Give it a try or better still let these guys on here work on the problem.