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  1. I use the same website to get my updates. I don't know what to tell you concerning WGA Notification (KB905474) since the links to it in the list just takes you to the MS download site. Most current version is from March 09 far as I know. As for legitcheckcontrol.cab (KB892130), make sure you use the filename link and not the KB Article link. The download file in the listed KB Article is an old version. The current version I know of is from February 09. You might want to make sure you are including the current version for WindowsUpdateAgent, and the appropriate cabs for either Windows Update or Microsoft Update.
  2. Shardis

    Windows Updates

    new updates for Windows XP for June 09: KB969897 Cumulative Security Update for IE (new for IE8, replaces KB963027 for IE6/7) - critical KB969898 Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits (believe replaces KB960715) - critical KB961501 Windows Print Spooler (new) - critical KB968537 Windows Kernel (replaces KB958690) - important KB970238 Windows RPC (new) - important Note: I mention KB969898 should replace KB960715, but not positive. Killbit updates don't have an associated security bulletin so have to test to confirm. There were also updates this month for Windows Search (KB963093), IIS (KB970483), Office (KB969514, KB969462, KB957632), and Active Directory (KB971055) for those who have those installed.
  3. Shardis

    Windows Updates

    Was checking the XP list and noticed couple items for the Optional section for accessing Windows Update. I saw you did not have wuweb_site.cab listed at all (Windows Update ActiveX control) (http://update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/.../wuweb_site.cab). Figured you might want to add it since you have the equivalent listed for Microsoft Update. Also they apparently finally updated LegitCheckControl.cab to something closer to what is in WGA Notification. The current version of the cab is now 1.9.0009.0 version modified on January 7, 2009.
  4. As mentioned your LastSession.ini would help, or multiple ones if you did it in steps. Off top of the head, did your XP Pro have SP3 integrated before you started trimming? And are you using WPA or WPA2? Before SP3, XP Pro only had support for WPA (not WPA2) built in by default. You needed a separate optional update to add in WPA2 support. SP3 fixed this by adding default support for WPA2 into XP Pro.
  5. Thanks, that post by jdeboeck was exactly the info I was looking for. Will be too bad losing the driver signing given some of the issues I have read about unsigned drivers during install, but if I combine the info from those threads with the info in jdeboeck's I should be good.
  6. Wanting to include some apps on a unattended windows xp install cd. If I understand how the various types of addons work, they use switches to just tell the app installer to use whatever the default install options are when running unattended? I tend to pick the custom install option when installing apps so I can pick which components to install and checkboxes for things like shortcut icons and start menu location. Obviously for things like shortcut icons and start menu, I could create a batch file to cleanup afterwards but would be nicer if I did not have to. Some examples of what I am looking for are changing install path, changing checkboxes (like teatimer and sdhelper for Spybot), and changing major install components (like in Office or OpenOffice). Is there some way to change/specify what the default install options are to mimic my custom choices? Would I be looking at something like AutoIT to create an automated script for what amounted to an attended install?
  7. Hello, Trying to add drivers to install CD for first time and understand methods involved but unsure how to deal with special case. I have two computers with nvidia-chipset motherboards and nvidia graphic cards but are several years apart on when they were built. The drivers for both motherboard and graphics card (from the nvidia website) are designed to be used with a wide range of devices. However, the most recent driver is not always the best for a given device (especially for older graphic cards). If I just tried adding both drivers as-is, I figure the newer driver would be used for the older device even though the older driver would be better. So I was wondering how to limit a multi-device driver to only qualify for a smaller range of devices? I am guessing it somehow involves modifying the inf file for the driver, but if so I don't know what values I should be changing? If that is not the case, would I be looking at creating a batch file to somehow determine the device and then make the more appropriate of the 2 drivers available?

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