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  1. bootsect.exe /nt52 z: /force The above solved the problem, bootsect.exe can be found in the Windows AIK directory if you do a search, or is on the Vista/S2008 DVD. I have now incorporated it into the batch file I use to image, something like: Diskpart /s Disk0.TXT bootsect.exe /nt52 z: /force imagex /apply myimage.wim 1 z: wpeutil reboot Where Disk0.TXT Contains something like: Select Disk 0 Clean Create Part Pri Format FS=NTFS Quick Assign letter=z Active Exit
  2. Because using WinPE 2.0 is an accepted method of deploying XP using Server 2008 based WDS, is it not? Anyway, according to: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazin...sktopfiles.aspx you need to use bootsect.exe to apply the nt52 bootloader when deploying XP with WinPE 2. I will try tomorrow.
  3. That's the idea, but Microsoft not providing a tool to do it is a bit of a faux pas. Just discovered that bootsect.exe from Vista SP1 disc has an extra switch "/mbr" I will try this at work tomorrow.
  4. Hello, Quick question to see if anyone else has come across the same issue. I've been deploying a .WIM image with support for varying models of PC for almost a year now (all Dell Optiplex GX240 to 760, and another all hp d510 through to dc7900) but only recently came across an issue - any PC which has been imaged through WinPE using Diskpart & ImageX won't work with the XP Recovery Console installed (winnt32.exe /cmdcons). Booting to the Recovery console at the boot screen results in "Disk Read Error, Press CTRL ALT DEL". If I use a traditional Ghost type image it's fine. I haven't had chance to try it yet, but I suspect fixmbr might be the solution, but i do wonder why XP works fine but the console does not. It isn't the uberbug or command console being installed before sysprep issue either. I've found a useful looking tool - mbrfix which can be run from WinPE, which is great if it works, but do Microsoft not offer an official tool, it's pretty bad going, what's Best Practice™? I will try bootsect.exe /nt52, but if XP is working then id've thought that wont help. What about people deploying XP WIMs from WDS? Sticking to MS tools, they'd have to boot from an XP CD to recovery console and run fixmbr for every PC if they wanted the recovery console to be installed. Thank you for reading.

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