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  1. F keyboard

    So the whole forum uses windows and nobody has any idea? Fantastic!!
  2. F keyboard

    That's the thing, the keyboard that is added is not of the type that I need, Inned 857 type but it gives me some other...
  3. F keyboard

    So, nobody knows the answer?
  4. F keyboard

    Hello gentlemen, In Windows 98 it was possible to switch from one type of F keyboard to another by changing the appropriate code in autoexec or msconfig (ex: 855 to 866 of course if you know what I mean). Unfortunately, I could not find anything similar in XP, so does anybody know how to do it? P.S: example: let's say that to type é you need to press altgr+1 and then e for type 855, when you change to 866 you need to press altgr+2 this time and then e... Hope this makes matter clear...
  5. Mail server setup - help needed

    I would like to ask moderators to delete this topic...
  6. I would like to ask moderators to delete this topic...
  7. setting up IIS - help needed

    Thanks God somebody posted I certainly do need education, nowdays I try to read and practice what I read. I will be really gratefull for all the information shared with me... 2Rob00GT: I have read the articles you provided, but there was nothing new for me, my problem is DNS server and its records not IIS at the moment... If know some good books or sites or articles I can read I will be really gratefull!! Thanks all in advance
  8. setting up IIS - help needed

    2prathapml: Thank you for renaming the topic, I realised I made a mistake but it was already too late. --- After doing a lot of search talking with people and reading all I can, I could (or I think I could:) ) understand how DNS stuff works and its general principle. As for teaching from the very beginning without knowing where to start, of course you are right. So I think now I can focus on something particular and format my questions. Let me begin and explain the things I understood and then ask my question. Please correct me if I am mistaken... Let's say that I bought a domain (abc.com), from a company X and some webspace from another company Y. Now, company Y has a DNS server and a Web Server, so I arrange the DNS settings for abc.com in the way company Y tells me. Later, when someone tries to reach abc.com company X forwards it to company Y DNS server and that DNS server finally forwards it to web server, right? If I made a mistake please correct me... Now, what I want is to setup a DNS server and Web server on 1 PC with 1 static ip. For time being I am thinking of using Simple DNS server program to setup our DNS server and use IIS for web server. Now my question is, I setup DNS settings for abc.com to forward to my computer, and my DNS server must forward it to web server, right? So when I setup IP for web server in DNS server do I setup it as a local computer? I mean or let's say Or do I setup it as I setup DNS settings for abc.com I mean giving the static ip that we have... I hope I did not mix up anything. I hope this time my question is clear and I do believe that you will be able to help me!!! <!-- Edit part --!> Finally I could manage to setup server using this simple DNS server (site is online), but if you ask me what I have learned I would rather say nothing than something. First of all, I realised that or are not enough so I have created another A record with our static IP. And I think that is when it started working. Could somebody explain me the upper part? Why do I need to setup real IP? Or provide some information about DNS server... Thank you all in advance!!!
  9. setting up IIS - help needed

    So I guess nobody is willing to help, or is it me impatient?
  10. setting up IIS - help needed

    I totally agree with you!!! And I think the best thing to do is just buy a reseller plan and get everything ready and secure. Meanwhile my boss does not think the same way, one thing is that server was already bought before I started so now he wants to run it, for security holes I do not think he really cares or realizes and it does not matter how many times I will repeat that. So what I do now is just leaving everything to it is, he MUST SEE that this will not work this way until he gets a professional. So for him to see this I MUST setup this server, on the very major problem we will have I will try to "attack" again to buy a reseller plan but for now I have to do what I am supposed to do. One principle I have is: Try to help people, if they reject your help leave them and let them burn thier fingers and then try to help again. So now this is what I am going to do. So unfortunately I have to (fortunately for me cause I am going to learn something new) learn this... Thank you, for your comments!!!
  11. Hello gentlemen, I was a silent member of msnf.org for some time, but now I have a problem and I do hope that this really can help me. I do not like starting asking for something form the very first message but unfortunately I have to do it now. Anyway, I would like to ask a few questions, I already have searched the forum, actually I have read everything regarding IIS but could not find the answer... So here we are: The firm I am working at has purchased a server about a year ago, now they have decided to start offering some web space to people around (friends etc.) and decided to use that server as a web server. Our company too small and I am the only one in care of all the computers we have. And as you may guess I have no idea about servers (maybe very little). Now, let's come to the sweetest part, how will I do it? I do not want to ask it in general because I already got some idea from the posts that I have read. I have read also about the apache php mysql setup, but what I need is IIS actually. We already have Windows 2000 Advanced Server installed which we plan to upgrade to 2003 and also we have IIS installed. So where do I start? How do I set it up so that first of all we can reach it through our local network? And what do I need to change later on to open it to the outer world? I read something about DNS server, do I need to set it up? If yes then how? Can I just make it in the way I like or I should follow some certain and maybe strict rules? Or is it someone else who will arrange DNS for us? We have static IP, we have a domain, now pointing to somewhere else. So where do I begin with DNS server or IIS? O.K, that was the first part, I hope you are not tired of reading. Second part is as we are going to be a hosting company certainly we will need to setup some other sites as well. I know that it is possible to setup more than one domain on the same IP but I do not know how... And the last but believe me not the least, is the mail server... Of course I will have to setup this one too, so I also need information about it. I know (actually I heard) something about MX records, and I think they are arranged in DNS server, but how and what I am going to do with them? Do we need a different software for this or IIS can manage it? Well I think that is all for now, I am patient, I love reading and learning, do not bother yourself to write just point somewhere.. I tried google but unfortunately could find nothing suitable for me or I just missed it. Thank you all in advance, waiting for you reply(ies)!!