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  1. PROBLEM RESOLVED Thanks for the tip. I had figured out "Part 1" on my own but couldn't remember what to do next. Also, sorry the delayed response. I wanted to be sure I'd done every thing correctly. It seems I have succeeded. It's amazing how much you can forget when you're not using things on a regular basis. I haven't worked since July of 2008. The only thing that offered me an income was to retire -- 3 years early. I'm pretty much settled into full-time retirement -- doubt I'd ever go back to IT if a job came along. Forty-four years was enough.
  2. I'm a "Home User" with average. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 on a desktop I built on a Gigabyte mother board. I have a 2-1/2 inch SATA in an external case plugged into a USB port. I'm trying to use an Explorer select on a CAB file and paste it to my desktop (or a network drive) -- a simple copy & paste. I get a "Compressed (zipped) Folders Error" message stating "Access to 'filename' was denied. Actually, I can't perform any function on these file types. Does anyone have some ideas how I can grant myself "Full Control"?
  3. Don't mind the re-question since it offers another thought on how to accomplish my tasks. The answer to your question is: As I've looked over the forum, I've seem $OEM$ mentioned in different places but I didn't really understand what it was about. I did a quick search this morning & located one post - seems it has to do with the 'RunOnce' tab in nlite where the code will be run after the XP install at the beginning of the first logon. After thinking about things last night, the stuff I want to do really needs to be done AFTER the XP install. So, this is probably the way I should go. I'll research the forum more this evening when I have more time. It would be of help if you could possibly direct me to some other post addressing the $OEM$-Method. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. I'm trying to create an Add-On that will copy a file-folder & files to a specific location on the system drive. I've provided a brief example of what I'm trying to do. 1. First is a directory tree of the file-folder & files I want to copy. The folder names are in upper-case & are preceded by an asterisk. The file names are in lower-case & are preceded by a #-sign. 2. Second is a sample of the CMD/BAT file which I converted into an EXE file using BAT-to-EXE-Converter. I created an 'svcpack' folder that contains the 'START_MENU_SHORTCUTS' directory & files plus the 'FILES-TO-COPY.EXE' command. My 'entries.ini' file contains: [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] FILES-TO-COPY.exe I used 'AlphaZIP' to create a CAB file taking in both "svcpack" & "entries.ini". For some reason, this causes the XP Pro Set-Up process to run through set-up, Windows start-up (file copying) & quit with a message stating 'there is a problem with set-up & to contact your administrator' just before the point where the PC is suppose to re-boot to bring up XP for the first time. What's the correct way to turn this into an Add-On file for my XP PRO Slipstream CD? Please keep in mind, this is just a simple example; my end product will be much more involved and considerably larger. Thanks in advance for your time & assistance. ====================================================== FILE-FOLDER & FILES TO BE COPIED TO C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * START_MENU_SHORTCUTS * DRIVER-UPDATES * DRIVERGUIDE-TOOLKIT # driverguide-toolkit-home-page.lnk # driverguide-toolkit.lnk * FTP-FILESHARE-&-P2P # free-rapid-downloader.lnk * MSG-&-CDs # msg-&-cds--common-ctop-messages.lnk # msg-&-cds--device-manager-error-codes.lnk # msg-&-cds--security-event-messages.lnk * SECURITY-&-CLEANERS * AVG-ANTI-VIRUS # avg-free-user-interface.lnk # avg-kill.lnk # avg-start.lnk # uninstall-avg-free.lnk * CCLEANER # ccleaner-homepage.url # ccleaner.lnk # uninstall-ccleaner.lnk * MS-MRT-PGM # downloaded-ms-mrt-pgm.lnk # ms-mrt-web-site.url * SYSTEM-INFO # belarc-advisor.lnk # win-sys-info.lnk ====================================================== FILES-TO-COPY.CMD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- set PrimDrive=%SystemDrive% xcopy "START_MENU_SHORTCUTS" "%PrimDrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs" /E /C /R /I ======================================================
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