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  1. What is the md5sum of your WMP11 binary? e03ce05a1fb25438ba03553f7ceb2f7f or c5d9d62e35b4f8f5a6f495b41f532539?
  2. Today I updated AutoPatcher[XP x86] (most of you probably know what this is), to find that WMP11 has a new binary. This new binary does not work with WMP Slipstreamer (latest version as of today). It slipstreams fine, but when installing XP, causes infinite setup loops (Setup is being restarted...) - tested on VM. This is not an issue to me as I will use the old binary (not sure what has changed with new one). But I figured a lot of people here probably use the WMP Slipstreamer, so I wanted to let you guys know this is why your nLite'd image gets caught in a loop if you very recently downloaded the WMP11 binary, or use AutoPatcher. I last updated AP on 7-31-08, the old binary was still on MS servers, today, 8-9-08, the new binary is on their servers. Some time in that 9 day window, the file changed. My WMP Slipstreamer settings are as follows: Output type: tweaked. Everything else is default. Below are md5sums: e03ce05a1fb25438ba03553f7ceb2f7f = original (old) binary - has no icon = working with WMP Slipstreamer. c5d9d62e35b4f8f5a6f495b41f532539 = new binary - has icon = not working with WMP Slipstreamer. I will try to contact the author, but I figured most of their users were members here, so this is where exposure would be the greatest.