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  1. Spurious app crashes with vLite/vistax64

    Sorry about that. Forgot the stinking upload button.... File attached at the first post.
  2. Hi, I've recently installed a vilted version of Vista x64. For the most part, everything seems to be ok but I have a few apps, notably all of the MS Office apps, that seem to be crashing with exceptions when I invoke the File Save dialog, where when invoking the normal save command doesn't cause any problems. Apart from that I am unable to install the latest Vista SoundBlaster X-Fi drivers... There do not seem to be known bugs with these applications.. Has anyone had anything like that with respect to vLite and if so what should be done please? I have attached my last sesssion.ini Thanks in advance! Last_Session.ini
  3. WinSxS Optimization

    I went ahead and did it. I've created a small c# application, that can run inside Vista, that will scan files in: c:\Program Files c:\Program Files (x86) c:\Windows and look for files based on size / extension. First, files are sorted by size, Then they are tested to see if they are already hardlinked (seems Vista already uses hard-linking to some extent) then compared byte-for-byte to makes sure the files are indeed the same The last step is actaully replacing the files with hard-links. I was able to shave off quite a bit of space in Vista after installation. I will soon redo the vLite installation and redo the Winsxs run to see how it works in terms of stability etc.
  4. WIM Filter

    Mod: Please read the rules up about that particular driver.
  5. WinSxS Optimization

    Hi, I was wondering (before I try to do it on my own) if someone has ever tried scanning the vista installation for duplicates (with respect to WinSxS) and replace them with hard/soft links. I know that there are tools such as NoClone that are capable of replacing dups with hard-links. I also know that Vista has some support for Soft-Link, though most tools probably don't make use of that yet. Has anyone ever tried pulling something like that to save up some installation space? I find the "behaviour" of the WinSxS very annoying. I do understand the "need" for having multiple versions of system (or any) dll for better software compatability, but I honestly don't understand the need for duplicate files. This adversely effects both diskspace and system performance IMO.
  6. 1.2rc BadImageFormatException on x64

    Hi, I'm trying to run 1.2rc on Vista x64 to create a vista x64 vlited image... After selecting the directly where I have copied the vista x64 installation to I get this following exception: Is these something that can be done about this?