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  1. Whenever Avast ceases support for win98, there will not be any 'live' antivirus support left for win98. However, I am absolutely satisfied with the performance of win98 and want to continue surfing on it(even though I have dual booting with winXP) 2. There is another angle to win98 story and that is that while it is true that win98 has almost become obsolete, it is equally true that it is not at all attractive for virus writers. Therefore will it be fair to say that it is , in a way, becoming immune to virus threats ??
  2. I extracted the file by 7-zip in the same folder in which I had downloaded the google.exe. The extract contains folders like program files and Local Application Data and other files. when I click on the googleearth.exe located in the partition I>My Folder>Program Files>google>google earth, the splash screen and google windows opens but does not proceed beyond initialization. It also gave the error that KML and KMZ files are currently set to open with an application other than google and would you like to restore this functionality ?? Even selecting YES did not make any difference and the google continued to stay at initialization. Which other prog must be using these files and is there anything that can be done further ?? I am also interested to know whether AVG 8 can be installed after kernelEX ??
  3. I have installed KernelEX 0.3.5 but I still cannot install Google Earth. (I had earlier copied unicows in window>system for some other software.). I get the error that the OS is not compatible with Google Earth.
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