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  1. Hello All!

    I can't lock the workstation, until, I turn off fast user switching. I'd like to use the fast user switching. Any ideas as to the problem and a solution. The last thing I did was insstall wmp10. It did something?

  2. Hello All!

    I'm interested in doing some voice recognition for my im chats & emails. Was looking into a wireless bluetooth headset. But the one that's I found work only for cells phones. Anyone know of a good headset that is wireless?


  3. Hello All!

    It's been some time since I did an install for a win modem. I was going through the documentation. It states that you have to install a enumerator. I went through the hardware wizard looking for it. It never found. The enumerator is so that it can setup the com3 for the modem to operate. The usr site has the correct drivers and I've downloaded them. It still doesn't work. Is it me or maybe the modem is bad? The modem has been moved around (different pci slots) Removed registry cleaned. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Hello All!

    My weirdst thing was fixing a computer for a client. My buddy and I were trying to get a mouse to work under win95. It took us 2 days for figure it out it was the ribbin cable that connect to the mobo and different set of pin outs. We made a custom cable w/ the correct pin outs. It worked perfectly. We had a whole much of cables from other mobo spare parts laying around. Non of them worked, that's why we made the custom cable.

  5. It depends on the motherboard. If you are booting the SATA drive from an onboard Promise controller or the SIIG one

    SIIG is exactly what I have. I'm getting a floppy drive today. Useless, I never use a floppy for anything anymore. We now have Boot CDs, recovery CDs, etc.

  6. phpbb is a forums engine not a CMS Xoops has a built in one called Newbb, not as advanced but still it has one PM me at

    that's alot guy! I got Xoops and been playing around w/ it for hrs...:) Yes, it was pretty easy to install too. I did manage to break it once already. I had to go into php mysql admin to change one of the fields in a table. I happen to put a theme in their and then after that the main page would not come up. So, I change the theme back to the default one. It was pretty simple so far to understand the tables and the fields layout. I want now is to change the site itself the look of it.

    I'm using godaddy right now for my domain & webhost.

    Thanks again!

  7. Hello All!

    I'm trying to setup PHPNuke. I created the database & imported the mysql.txt file in so it could create the tables.

    Problem 1: The admin.php is not where the documentation said it would be.

    Problem 2: When I do find and launch the admin.php file it states that there is a problem w/ the MySQL server. I know that I name every correctly in the config.php file, and that there aren't any permissions issues.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. i am having problems connecting to my home computer from work. this has worked several times previously, but now its not working. i bring up my client, put in the relevant info, and it appears to connect, sends username, password and says its loading personal settings. then i get a blue screen, then the client dies. i have tried this from another computer on my home network and same is true.

    please help me!!

    I use remote desktop all the time & works like a charm. Did something @ work change. Have you tried connecting from Work to home to see if it works. The problem most likey is the work computer. Clean out your temps in your Local settings folder. If your profile is too big it will cause headaches.

  9. is there a way to have one user logged onto a winxp pro pc locally, and have another remotely connect and use a different login name to work on the same machine at the same time?


    As far as I know, You can't. If you run the remote desktop, and a user is logged in locally it will kick the local user out. The other is Remote Assitance, but it's not like remote desk at all! The remote assistance you help a user move around your machine.

  10. I'm trying to make a username/profile on a computer that will only let the user run the applications which are on the desktop, restart, or shutdown. is this possible with winxp PRO, or would i need an extra program to allow me to do this? thanks for information


    Yes there is. You can use the Group Policy Editor to accomplish that task. Just type out gpedit.msc in the run box. It has alot of settings in there so be careful.

  11. zup peeps, i have a weird issue going on with a pc....  the system reboots whenever i want to log off my system or lock it by pressing the window key and [L] key.  it's like if i had selected reboot instead.  has anyone had this type of behavior from their pc?  winXP pro.

    Weird if you ask me. Only thing comes to mind are your APM settings. Power management. Also, check to see if you have hibernation turned on. Another area to check is faulty memory.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Hello All!

    I have a few questions about DVD Burner. Today I was out looking around for one. There were a few that were 12x speed, but there isn't any media that supports that speed.

    Should I still purchase the 12x even though the media is not supported at that speed? Also, what is the different between DVD-r & +? I want to be able to burn some DVDs and put them in my home DVD player.


  13. One of our over zealous network guys suggested to senior managment that we should move our entire organization from Win 2K to Win XP..

    how exactly would that help any future virus outbreaks?

    Actually it might make it worse. The viruses & worms of today are tailor made for 2k, xp & 2k3.

  14. Hello All!

    I have the following hookup.

    Cable Modem (sb5100) ---> voice router (vt1000v) ---> router (wgr614v3) 168.102.1 168.0.1 <--- WAN addresses. The vt1000v assigns 102.100 ---> wgr614v3 ---> Assigns all local 0.xxx addresses to PCs.

    All PCs have 0.xxx address.

    I have 2 on a reserve list. PC 1 & my server. They always get the same ip all the time. Now, I have port forwarding enabled for PC "p2p" on the router & voice router. THAT DIDN'T WORK! What I had to do is set the 102.100 & the 0.3 addresses as a "DMZ" for ANY P2P programs to work! Once I did this I got MUCH BETTER performance. No more LOWID.

    Why? I know that any port forwarding should've been enough??? After running a few test on DSLReports My whole network is still unpingable. On the vt1000v you CAN'T turn on "Response to WAN Pings" So, running these diagnostics is useless.

    At least once a day I have to reboot the vt1000v or NO webpages will load.

    I added all my DNS servers statically to all PCs to try to elevate the problem.

    I've contacted tech support about the vt1000v, "Oh nothing is wrong w/ your internet. I'll leave open a trap log for 6hrs. If I find something I'll contact you." Yeah right they never did.

    Sorry for the LONG post but this info was necessary.


  15. Just got a new computer. Installed Kazaa media desktop then removed it and any spyware. Installed kazaa lite ++. When iam downloading files they will download slowly but surely. Then kazaa freezes up along with my windows explorer. Have check my processor and ram performance and they are fine.

    Running an AThlon 3200 with a gig of ram and a 1mb cable modem so would have thought I was alright.

    Dumb Question? Have you checked for viruses? Kazaa is notorious for fake and bogus infect files.

    Nice specs there... :)

  16. when i try to defrag my computer make a scratching noise and freezing. is there  any way i can reinstall it from any were or a place to download it? any help would be thankful

    Me personally, I rather do a boot defrag. Mostly all the files are closed. The system has greater access to the files. If you do it while you're working more files will be locked and the defragger can't move them.

    Diskeeper has a boot defrag option. I know there are a few others, but don't remember.

  17. This is a n00b question..but I just am stumped.

    i have 2 computers in the same workgroup. I want create the a shared folder so I can swap files between the laptop and desktop.

    On my desktop, the sharing function isn't listed in the right click menu.

    On the laptop, it is the sharing tab is greyed out. (all the options in it )

    Neither are visible on in the workgroup on the home network.

    It's 12:07 am, and im stumped. help!

    btw..i just reimaged the laptop with a unattended install. could it be one of the settings i did in there?

    Sounds to me like you don't have Client for microsoft networks enabled or installed. Once you get that going, the sharing should be enabled. In order for you to see other computers they must be sharing something or you won't see them. Once you fix the first problem, then it will fix the second one.

    Good Luck.

  18. Hello All!

    I can't get MAME to save the high scores in the Roms. If I play a game today and get completely out of the ROM. Tomorrow I go back into the ROM that I played yesterday the high scores are gone. Anyone have any idea as to why? The NFS drive that the games are on have full permissions to save and edit files.

  19. I have just put a new digital cam on to my pc and have noticed that my system takes an extra 4 minutes to load...I have applied service pack 1 in the hope that this will solve the problem but no joy. Does anyone know of any microsoft patchs that will solve this problem

    The Digital Cam use drivers and so they are loaded @ start up. I would suggest you use BootVis.


    Above is the link that will explain all that you need to know about the program.

    If used correctly, it will decrease the time it takes for you system to boot.

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