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  1. ...and Microsoft advises to first install sp2, to be sure, before installing sp3... Could there be something forgotten, as Microsoft doesn't seem be se sure completely? I deleted the sp1 cab that I could find in my \i386 slipstream/integrated result, not sure if this is O.K. (working from a SP1 setup disk, not sure wich version of SP1). Looking for all cab files with the search assistant, also see the cab files: 50SP1, 50SP2, 50SP3, 50SP4 is that "SP" relating to versions that can be deleted, or NOT -> I suppose NOT, because these cab files also are on the original XP-SP1 disk..? (Later on I'll find out if my edits work; last night I got the next errors during windows installation: c:\$WIN_NT$~LS\i386\msrdp.cab missing => I skipped idem ..\~BT\sym_u3.sys => I skipped The result afterwards: "sym_u3 could not be found setup failed" Yesterday, I couldn't find the msrdp.cab line that I had to remove. But today lookign again, it was there and now removed... Suppose that sym_u3.sys error is related to that? As the file is just there copied well in my new supposed to be XP pro SP3 setup disk on a memory stick) Tip: I noticed that in some (most Spanish speaking) countries they sell illegal Windows "Unattended Edition", together with the PC's. They also made some modifications, like the menu icon (left-below) that is much smaller and leaves more space, or an integrated shell ld5 hash (&others) file determinator and comparer (yep, that's is what one needs slipstreaming and integrating new setup disks, to be sure not bit bytes). There only seems to be a Spanish wikipedia article about this version and workgroups: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Unattended_Edition => something like it was a Microsoft employee who started this, first with permission of his boss, to take out (at that point) more or less unnecesary items to make the Windows faster and smaller.

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