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  1. I have searched on alot of different things about this, and there is never any direct answers to simple questions like I ask for here, f.eks if I set it up correctly in WPI? I am a total noob in this area and I need some staight forward answers, if I had not allready searched for stuff for the past 2-3 days I would not even be able to specify all the stuff I have done in this post, there is just to much stuff to get in to, and I would really apriciate if somone went trugh my spesific questions really fast.
  2. I am making a custom made windows install CD for myself, and I need some tips and confirmation on how to do it. I allready managed to make fully custom made CD's with nLite with SP3 and WMP11+IE7. But I wanna use WPI to add more programs, and it seems like the simplest thing. There is so many different guiedes on the net, and there is so many different ways to do stuff, its getting really confusing :/ I just want a simple guided way to add it, if scripting is envolved I kinda need a really detailed guide. So I am trying WPI to install programs. As I understand it, its just to put the whole WPI folder inside the XP CD files, then cosomize it... Programs I want to install under my setup of windows: Found silent install switches for some of them on this site, but I need some help to find the switches on those I did not find. WinRar 3.71 /s (Correct with small /s there?) VLC /S Firefox -ms Haali Media Splitter MediaMonkey Notepad++ /S CCleaner TwakUI Powertoy /S /v/qn Haali Media Splitter CoreAVC Codec AC3filter .NET 1.1 + 2 + 3 + 3.5 Made from Silent .NET maker: DNF11_no.exe 11,3MB DNF20_no.exe 17,0MB DNF30_no.exe 14,2MB DNF35.exe 11,1MB (no = norwegian) Programs I think is to hard to make silent installers for Deamon tools Net Limiter Pro 2 Mirc witg NoNameScript Nod32 / Smart Security Bigger installs (Guess I gotta install these manually anyway?) Cyberlink Power DVD Nero Is this the correct way to add it into WPI? http://i34.tinypic.com/1zn0ao6.jpg http://i35.tinypic.com/1esw06.jpg And then just save it, and if the folder is on the CD, its just to make a bootable ISO out of it, and it will work? So anyone got any extra things I should add? Anyone done something similar to this got some good tips? In advice thnx for all help and comments content EDITTED by Shark007 - please do NOT discuss cracks or warez - this will lead to a ban.
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