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  1. hi i am getting Bad_Pool_header stop: 0x00000019 error, when try to install win xp from usb, exactly it shows at "setup is starting windows " screen pls help Regards Vijeesh
  2. HI, when I reinstall winxp from usb getting BSOD bad_pool_header on some intel based motherboard, most of the machine i am able to install win xp from this same usb stick and i have nlited with latest ICH drivers please help regards Vijeesh
  3. Hi Fernado, i am getting an error " the file ahcix64.sys is corrupted" i am having Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop with Vista i need to install Winxp SP2 and my DVd Drive is also not working so having WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-1.exe software to insttal xp from usb , its booting and after that i am getting the above said error its with ICH8M SATA Storage why it is showing that the file is corrupted...........? can u help me out .........please
  4. Hi, i have transcend 8GB pen drive, i wish to make it bootable how i can ? and i dont have floppy drive , i had gone through some sites i tried something but its not booting and i wish to partition the pen drive too hopes i will get a solution from this forum Thanks & Regards vijeesh
  5. Hi, did you set the virtual memory setting as system managed size if not set it out and it will take virtual memory more than 16 GB Cheers viji
  6. Hi , when i trying to install hp laserjet P1007 laserjet usb printer on my machine (win xp 64 bit OS )i got a message like " usbprint.sys missing" insert win xp CD;i dnt have OS Cd with me (at present) so hw i can get rid of this error; or can i copy this file from some where else apart from os cd cheers vijeesh
  7. i had this , still i am facing the same problem
  8. Hi, I have win xp pro added to my office domain, after adding to domain system restore tab is missing and if I run system restore tool i am getting an error message states "You do not have sufficient security privileges to restore your system. Please contact your administrator, or logout and log in again as an administrator and try again" I have logged on as local administrator only still the error comes Please help me out of this issue Regards Vijeesh
  9. Hi , i have also faced the same problem, when install xp on vista pre loaded laptop , cp wont detect the HDD to resolve this, enter to BIOS and change the SATA settings ; ACHI mode then it will work............ regards vijeesh
  10. hi , ya i tried but it doesn't work..............puppy is loading to HDD but not booting, i thing something should do in the boot loader, grub loader ,lilo or something.......... any idea...........???????? regards viji
  11. Hi everyone, I have a live cd of Linux - Puppy 4.0 so i want to install linux from my live cd to Hard disk; and i dont have floppy disk drive, pls help me... regards viji
  12. Hi all, I logged on as local admin;while installing Autocad Revit structure 2009 on winxp 32 bit OS; when started installing .net framework its stops and create a log file states"Install MSI 3.1 Runtime Failed Installation aborted, Result=1603" and also shows one message box " please conact your stystem admin so and so..." can anyone help me out......... regards vijeesh
  13. Hi all, I am having a desktop PC , yesterday my monitor got fully dead (i dont want to repair also), I also having a new laptop, I want to take video output from my PC and give to Laptop as input; so that i can use laptop screen as my display for PC!!!!!!!! my intention is without purchasing another monitor can i resolve this issue...... any one can help me out Regards vijeesh
  14. Hi, recently my system infected with worm.win32.netbooster is there any virus removal tool is available to remove this worm can anyone help me out regards vijeesh
  15. Hi All, Thanks for your support; and thanks for Nlite its really superb.... I resolved that issue using the X64 Driver for winxp 64 bit from lsl.com and one more thing i learned that , while we are using Nlite once we copy our XP cd to local HDD, if we selected wrong driver to make our new XP Cd, next time we cant use the same xp (which we had in local HDD) means we have to copy again from our original XP CD to local HDD befor proceding with the correct driver; otherwise previously copied xp will contain wrong drive information, i have experienced this. any how thanks for u all now i am going to do more R&D with Nlite cheers vijeesh
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