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  1. Hello I have Turbo C 3.0 version. For Vista dont support full screen mode of DOS. That compiler is DOS based. SO How to make it full screen?
  2. Hi. I have a USB HDD. Many times when I select Safely Remove Hardware it gives error message as - Title- Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device- Windows Can't stop your "Generic Volume" device because it is in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using this device , and then try again later. while no one program/file on HDD is being accessed. So what to do in this situation ? Because removing directly may corrupt file system.Please help.
  3. Hello. I have a 120GB USB Hard Drive. Unfortunately it was removed without using Safely Remove Hardware. Now whenever I connect the hard drive to my PC, and try to open it , it is giving error as "H\ is not accessible. The file or directory corrupted and unreadable." This happened for 2nd time. Last time when it happened, I successfully recovered all the data in the hard drive using Recover My Files software. But as that recovery software reads each cluster for the data, it takes lot of time to recover data (about 35 hours) hence it is hectic work. So is there any non time consuming way to recover my data as just the directory is corrupted. In another words, is there any way to recover file directory so that the drive will be readable. Waiting for your answers. Thanks.
  4. Hi I have integrates SP1 in Vista setup using vlite and created iso image. How to use a 4GB Pen Drive to install Windows VIsta from it ?
  5. Hi Can we integrate various softwares is OS installation so there will be no boring installations after installation of OS
  6. Hello I integrates SP1 pack and also some drivers in Windows Vista Home Premium Version using vLite and then created bootable DVD and installed. Everything installed fine. Vista got speedy and giving good performance. But in vista when we open exe program(thats when we install something) or open system tools (disc cleanup/defrag etc) it asks for admistrater allotment and we need to click on continue or allow. Now in this integrated version it is not coming. When i install any program at directly starts. This shows lak of security. Before this I used to install Vista Home Premium then used to install SP1 pack. That time it was behaving normally I mean was asking if I runned exe program. So what happened now ? please help !
  7. I want to know that can we integrate software/applications in installation of windows ? I mean can we integrate MS office, Nero, Anti virus program, messengers etc etc in the installation of windows. so there is no need to do boring installation of all programs after installation of windows.
  8. electrosam

    vLite Help

    Hello. I want to integrate Vista SP1 in Vista DVD. I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 installed. I have downloaded and installed vLite but when I open it it is giving following error- Dependencies- These features are needed for vLite to function properly. Click on the Install button to intiate certain feature installation. Disabled box means that you already have that feature installed- WIM Filter- To be able to mount an image you have to install the WIM filter first. It is a small driver, like a virtual DVD but there will not be any extra drive letters. This requires WIM API as well (wimgapi.dll in the vLite root). It should be automatically installed after you click install, if the WAIK is already installed. And then whwn I click on Install button it gives following error- Put the WIM Filter installation files in C\programs files\vlite\wimfltr\x86 then press OK. So is that means I donw have WIM installed ? And its driver size is about 1300MB very large file. What to do ? please help.

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