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  1. it's not a bios problem for win 7. . i'v done boot for it. and in tht there is a tool called as seatools for dos .. . in which u can enable seagate drive's 48 lba enable and use full capacity.. . . for more details... http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.jsp?loca...000dd04090aRCRD 10x for reply...
  2. i'v Asrock G41M-Le just got one month ago ...
  3. hi all, i had some problems with old 7200.11 . i'v send it to seagate and got replacement of that 500 Gb drive. after i get it im using Windows 7 . when i connected it shows 127 gb in any of the windows!!! than i tried it in ubuntu 9.04 in that it shows 500 Gb. so, i partitioned it in ubuntu as ntfs and after this when i came back to windows 7 it works fine. But after reboot again same 127 Gb . now m confused .. because ubuntu got some bug on intel G41 motherboard and that's why i cant use that!! what to so? is it hardware problem ? operating system problem ? or bios problem? please suggest me a solution..... and yep i'v got windows 7 7600 ...
  4. hellooo., i'v st3500320as.. & not detected in bios.. now i'v purchased dku 5 cable . which have 4 wires red, white, black & green... can any body plz explain me.. which cable is which?? & do i need to open the chip set on hard disk??... & in my pc there is no COM2 .. how do i configure it??? plz help me.. detail of cable. /N:wt048000317 M/N:DP-U8A m new bout this hardware stuff.... thank u in advance.. PM me or reply here...