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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi Fernando1 I really need your help on this!. For the past couple of weeks i am trying to install Winxp on my system . Details as follows 1. Have a Dell vostro 1400 on which i need to install winxp. 2. I got an win xp with SP2, slipstreamed it with the SP3 installation, included the drivers ICH8M (which said ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI, i did not include the SATA RAID one) and created a bootable ISO. I followed all the steps u mentioned. (but i couldnt actually figure out the Intel matrix thingy so i dint use that for anything. but i did download the other drivers and INF files as u mentioned in ur post.) 3. I also used the multiple driver option and included the INF files drivers into the installation CD. 4. In the BIOS i tried all possible options . First i let my storage device be set to the AHCI option. Initially it used to tell me that HDD not found. 5. Then i tried changing the settings to ATA operation. Now it started giving me the "dreaded blue screen". 6. I checked and re-checked and created slip-stream disks on numerous occasions. Now every time i get the "dreaded blue screen" everytime i try to install the XP installation. I really dont know what is wrong. Am i missing something here. I have followed ur post and tried to get all possible hints so that i can use it to my cause, but nothing seems to work. There is an option of "flash cache mode" in the BIOS (it is generally used with the AHCI settings). But other than that i cannot find any "SATA" related settings in the BIOS other than just setting the storage device in the ATA mode. Please help me on this!. Thanks in advance..