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  1. Hi, So Defender works up until a certain version of the Beta2 when you edit the installer. It still updates and runs fine. But defender has been discontinued... for Microsoft security essentials. Does that work on w2k pro? can it be edited in orca to work? Just checking out how Microsoft continues to support w2k in terms of security protection. Apparently forefront currently works on w2k pro? What about the new upcoming forefront expected to be released next year? I'd just prefer to run an MS protection app on my machine, but if they drop support completely, then NOD32 it is for me. Thanks. Regards, Win95Guy
  2. Yeah that's what I've been thinking too. This might come in handy for that also: LINK Wow i thought that after 11 years (correction.. 10 for SE) that someone would have ported 98SE to floppy just because they could... I'll give it a go i guess and if I'm successful i'll host it for others Regards, Win95Guy
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering... since 95 and 98FE had both CD/Floppy installation options... can i somehow make a 98SE floppy installation set? I know it would be a lot of floppies but i enjoy installing old OSes via floppy... and I'd prefer to use Windows 98SE rather than FE. Thanks! Regards, Win95Guy
  4. I know this is a pretty stupid reason to pick FE over SE but i just like installation via Floppy... reminds me of a more simple time, i sort of miss the old days. I too will be using a K6 cpu. Mine is a K6-3 500mhz with 128mb ram and a 128mb pci video card. I think i'll have a few 20gb hard drives in it and probably a cd burner because a dvd drive wouldn't get much use in it... and i don't think FE supported DVD drives anyway? I'll be sure to checkout that site sysdll Regards, Win95Guy
  5. Please? It's been years since i've used 98 and i was an ammeter computer user back then so i don't have much knowledge of the advanced stuff to do with 9X... but i'm setting up my first PC again to use from time to time just so i can remember the old days... and it is a 98 box
  6. Hi guys, I just installed Windows 98FE and i was wondering what things i can/need to do to it so it is as up-to-date as possible? I did find this which is a guide for both FE and SE but i wanted to ask the best 9x community out there also http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/patching/win98/ Can you guys give me some tips, ideas, pointers and such please? It's on one of my old boxes that don't have a CDROM drive so i had to use FE via floppy install, no SE for me! I'll do everything via my broadband. Thanks! Regards, Win95Guy
  7. makes me with it supported SMP etc so i could throw it at any of my new PCs. Hey since it doesn't support SMP, does is not support a second core on a dual core graphics card?
  8. I'll use it for anything it's powerful enough to run Riva TNT2 or MX4000 are different league aren't they? Oh wait... isnt MX like the Geforce 2 MX basically? maybe i was thinking GF4TI lol... Basically i'm looking at a 9X os for this machine as i think it would be most suited. I'm guessing 98SE/ME are my best options? But i wouldn't know where to start when it comes to tweaking these or what sort of software i should use with them. Win95Guy EDIT: Actually i think i would like ME better than 98 [AFTER] being tweaked as it's just newer in general and has native USB drive support etc. I know 98 can but it would just be more of a pain having to add these things to 98. There is also high/true (i forget which) color tray icon support in ME like XP which isn't native in 98 or even 2000. Then there is disk tools and so on... Have i just turned this thread into a 'help me tweak ME' thread? lol
  9. Hi, I have an old box sitting around that needs an OS on it... Originally came with Windows 98SE. Specifications: AMD K6-3 500mhz 128mb ram One or two 20gb hard drives Some sort of on board graphics Oh and about the on board graphics... they would be s*** so what sort of graphics card would you suggest for this system? I can only use old pci ones because there is no AGP slot on this motherboard. I don't want to get anything like a Geforce 8400 pci (yes they are available) because it would bottleneck from my cpu. What tweaking etc. and applications would you recommend for the OS you have chosen for this machine? Thanks! Win95Guy
  10. Wow that's impressive! i hope you are doing that via USB2 though... How does that even work though? lol
  11. I'm willing to bet that 4 cores of Netburst stock clock 3.73ghz could beat the cheapest C2D available... considering they clock at 1.06ghz and come in single core variants... i would call that 'raping' the Core2 in that case But you said Core2 Duo not solo... i'm still sure 4 cores of 3.73ghz netburst would beat 2 cores of the cheapest C2D This is pretty obvious though... it's like comparing a Pentium M 2.26ghz P6 architecture against a 1.3ghz Pentium 4 which was the P6 predessesor. The high end of the previous architecture will usually outperform the low end of the new architecture but maybe not efficiently... netburst doesn't know the meaning of efficient lol.
  12. I really loved the Tualatin revision a lot too... but there is no way a dual tualatin rig could beat Pentium 4s as you said. The early willamette ones yes, and maybe some northwood due to SMP but when you get a 3.8ghz one with HT then that kicks a**. Netburst was very inefficient due to power leakage meaning more had to be pumped in and more heat was produced. The Pentium D was basically a Dual Core Pentium 4. They were nice i think, and i own a 3.73gh extreme edition version of them in one of my PCs. I wouldn't mind dual Xeon 5080 cpus... they are practically the SMP versions of this cpu allowing for two in one machine... 4 cores of netburst would yes raise your power bill and heat your room in winter, but also perform pretty nicely Pentium 4>Pentium 3 but not clock for clock...
  13. In response to the thread herbalist linked me i found someone called Fredledingue saying this: When i read this i agree with what he says... But i also think of the good in What Microsoft may or may not be intentionally doing... Pushing the world of computing forward when it comes to hardware and the technology we have available to us today. If you think about it deeply... as computers evolve and become more and more integrated in our daily lives then we will to evolve with the technology presented to us and what is available. Oh and in 2004 when Microsoft was going to cut 98/ME support, they didn't because 27% of pageviews on google were from Windows 98 still... let alone ME. So they extended it until some date in 06 when the number dropper to just 2.7% I think he should think about those figures before speaking of the reluctant xp to vista upgraders because what happened with 98 will happen with XP in time. And many of those XP users are likely those 98 users anyway. Win95Guy
  14. @herbalist: Why do you think it is the best OS Microsoft made? You make a good point about support where you say you have MSFN because i think they would provide better support than what Microsoft ever could have. How do you get Windows 98 'properly tuned'? That sounds good not having BSODs for months at a time! But why are u using 98FE and not SE? I fully understand what you mean when you say Microsoft is pushing upgrading onto us... it's a constant pressure. I honestly believe those XP only applications would run flawlessly on W2K 99.9% of the time given the chance to run on it... But nooo lol. Nice to see Windows 98 has got large hard drive support working... but it would be far better to see someone get SMP working. What is the purpose of having large ram support on 98? Mainly games would need this much ram and that's games like Crysis which hugely benefit from SMP or atleast eg. 3.8ghz Pentium IVs... Can Windows 98 use that processor? Obviously HT wouldn't work. @ Slugfiller: It sounds like what you're after you could get from XP and easily remove the components you don't like plus add in the recovery console to the install so you can use the same command line based tool to fix your OS if anything happens to it. @ RetroOS: The same box with Windows 98 would be wasting half the CPU power available to any other OS that supports SMP @ BenoitRen: If anyone is still using a PC that came with 9X then it is surely ready to die if not soon... some parts you simply cannot replace without scavenging on Ebay for parts of the same age. It would seem more economical to buy new stuff wouldn't it? SMP is great for home users who like to multitask... and lots of people do it! Playing music while writing an email and talking on IM while your AV runs it's real-time scanner and so on... @ Shae: Is 9X really more responsive than other Kernels? Is that like a fact and has a reason behind it to back it? I find that very interesting and in a good way because i love a good fast responsive machine! @ Th3_uN1Qu3 It seems that you are one of the few people who understand that the Conroe range of CPUs isn't better than the previous just because of Multi-Cores on the cpu but the cpu architecture itself being more efficient making a 1.8ghz cpu rival the best of the Pentium Ivs that were released. With XP you can obtain free programs that emulate DOS and can run 16-bit apps fine like DOSBOX. There is also compatibility mode. Yeah Service Packs can be a pain but that is for all OSes. WGA? wouldn't be a problem if you were legit although there is 101 ways around this WGA you speak of. If someone wanted they could completely take out everything they don't like about XP and add everything they want into it by using a tool like nLite to make their own custom CD so they wouldn't have to bother with any of this ever again. See how you can delete the recycle bin? Windows NT5 and onwards (W2K and newer) has a better for of Windows SYstem File protection that is great for home users so they don't deystroy their OS as easily as the probably could with Windows 98's system file protection. Oh and the C2D and C2Q chips aren't based on the Pentium 3 Tualatin... It goes like this: Pentium 3 Tualatin > Pentium M > Core > Core 2 So yeah you were right but you were basically saying that the Core 2 is based on P6 architecture meaning any example could have been used as far back as the Pentium Pro (Excluding Netburst based CPU architecture). Win95Guy
  15. Hi guys, I am a Windows 95 user and i have been since the day it was released. I don't upgrade because i only use my web browser and that is all, does the only task i need. But why do you continue to use it? What makes you use an OS that isn't even supported anymore? one that has a lot of BSODs, lack of new hardware support and the same is beginning to occur with software, lack of SMP support and limits on Hard drive size/ram capability/ and cpu speed? There are so many things against it yet so many of you cling on like a resistant disease lol... tell me why? Regards, Win95Guy
  16. Can anybody tell me what files i need to replace in Windows 95 with files from Windows 98 to swap out the 95 interface with the 98 one? Yeah i know u need to install IE4 and the desktop update before IE5 if you want to do it that way, but i'd like to try this instead now Win95Guy
  17. Oh ok... so no body wants to help me with this? EDIT: Could you at least tell me what is changed in 98 to add the 95 shell? are there new files added or old ones modified? what about the registry? Knowing this will probably give me some insight on how to do this with 95. Thanks Win95Guy
  18. Yeah it was definitely buggy but i like it a lot and i would like to try and get this working if it's possible. It's worth a try, and it's something different for a change right? Win95Guy
  19. Hi, I'm new here but i am a long time user of Windows 95. I plan on contributing as much as i can about Windows 95 here. Can anybody show me how to integrate IE5.5 and the Shell update from IE4 into the Windows 95 installation so both of these things are automatically applied? i think this would make a great addition to Windows 95 by default. Thank you Win95guy

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