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  1. Winrar corporate edition i got it from my friend ? is it illegal copy or what? finally i finished my project and its successful a very big thanks for every one helped me
  2. so if i renamed the folder from $1 to $$ will it work or i will have to edit all switches?
  3. and i want after windows install can type in arabic and english and i have customized my option in regional setting tap but after windows finish it make arabic defult language and to type in english press alt +shift but i want to make the defult language is english and if i want to type in arabic i press alt + shift is that possible or not and thanks
  4. i have used $OEM$\$1\Install\i put all programs here and my codes are regedit.exe /s tweak.reg to add ie to the desktop start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\AdobeReader90.exe /sAll /rs start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\JRE6.exe /quiet /norestart start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\KLiteCodecPackStandard417.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\QuickTimeAlternative270.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\RealAlternative190.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\WinRAR_3.71_Corporate_Edition.exe /S start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\Yahoo.exe start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\Install_WLMessenger.msi /qn regedit /s nero.reg start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\nero- /VERYSILENT what is the problem??????
  5. i have insttaled the windows with mcirosoft virtual machine 2007 sp1 and the result is after first logon cmd appers and box messege cant find c:\windows\adobeexe i pressed ok then cant find c:\windows\klite and that happened for all programs that i put in the cd after finish no program was installed
  6. BUT I DIDNT ADD RMDIR %systemdrive%\install /s /q WHY I SHOULD ADD THESE LINE
  7. i went there but i didnt find the folder named $OEM$ Create it and rebuild iso,nlite will include this folder. You can create \$OEM$\$1\Install this will become %systemdrive%\install\ so you can run start /wait %systemdrive%\install\mysetup.exe /SILENT" there you'll fine some tips http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/18/ This folder could be removed this way RMDIR %systemdrive%\install /s /q did u mean that i go to the local folder was created by nlite and make a new folder named $OEM$ then make iso file and extract it again and start to make my project?
  8. ok guys thanks very much i have learned the idea for silet switchis and i have known all programs switches that i need for my attendent project but im still asking if want to make nero to install autmatclly when i setup nero it extract it self then u start to press next ...................... how will i make nero silently type the serial number????? and thank u very much ionut_y for the useful website
  9. Thanks for replay MCT but I dont know what to start LeArN!!!!!
  10. I Have Setup studio 1.0 Corporate edition In programs section it asked me to choose the exe file then after i choose the program (adobe reader 8 ) a message appears "This program is not natively supported In setup studio" and under these message there are tow choice 1- Compatible mode ( if i choose this a list of programs names appears and i choose the correct program but i cant find adobe reader 8 only 7 listed 2- Foreign mode ( if i choose these it asked me to type Silent installation switch ???????????? how to know Silent installation switch for all programs that i typed in the topic so after windows setup finish its start autmaticlly to install these programs? Can U EXPLAIN???????????????????????????????
  11. Hi i want to make a customized windows so its install these applicatio automaticlly after windows setup -Ashampo cd burner 8.03 and how to make it write the seriall autmaticlly -klite mega codec pack 4.17 - yahoo massenger 9 and windows live messeger 8.5 (last build!) -win rar 3.71 -adobe reader 8 -directx 9.0c -real player 11 can u help me!!!! i dont know where to start and i know nothing to how to these!!!!!!! and i have iso file of win xp sp3 that intergrated with wmp11 and ie7 with ur help thanks

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