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  1. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    Hi folks, Have been trying to read this post even before starting to make my own slim installation. Mainly because I was looking for a kind of matrix telling me what functions use what DLL's and other unwanted stuff. I have read loads of usefull comments but miss some importante things I want to take upp here. 1: Test your results in a virtual machine (like VM-ware) most of the things and almost all of the 3dr party software will work in a VM ( you can download a free server copy from VM-ware) Ofcause you can use a spare PC if you have and want to burn loads of CD's 2. I unfortuanately do not have the knowledge of all the DLL's so i can not help you out here but we really need a a matrix telling us which DLL's are use for which function like media player with a real matrix we then also can find out easily what a specific DLL is used for. As a programmer I know that about 25% (low estimate probably) of the core windows DLL's are used in some way or another in calls from our applications. just think of the common control that still is used alot when creating VB applications. to fit the matrix into this forum will eiter need an excel sheet (but what version) or a link to a seperate page that loads from a database where you then can filter on the stuff you want. Did not have the time to make a signature but here is a 1st shot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I work with serveral PC's of wich some are virtual. Most of them are Windows XP, some of them are servers running 2003 and one ore 2 are even 98 (just because of a couple of good old DOS and Serial communication) I am even planning (YES I dare to say that) a Linux server So don't ask me what platform I am working on