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  1. This was definitely a strange problem. Seems like some sort of permission deep in the OS got changed to allow ImgBurn and CDBurnerXP to have read/write access to the drive, but disabled read access for Administrator and other users. When I put in a music CD, the drive icon in Explorer changed to a music icon, so I know Windows recognized the disc, it just wouldn't let me read it. I managed to fix it by running a program I have called Nero BurnRights and resetting the permissions.
  2. Looks like it installs cdrom.sys and redbook.sys (in system32\drivers) and storprop.dll (in system32). I'm not sure what sort of permissions problem this could be. Windows doesn't recognize any DVDs even when I'm logged in as Administrator.
  3. Well now I do think that installing CDBurnerXP on my system messed something up. I uninstalled CDBurnerXP, but ImgBurn is having the same problem. ImgBurn can burn a DVD fine - it gets recognized on my XP machine, but my 2000 machine doesn't recognize the disc. In fact, if I put any DVD into the drive now, including a DVD movie bought from the store, Windows says "E:\ is not accessible. Access is denied". ImgBurn and Windows were working fine before I installed CDBurnerXP, so I think CDBurnerXP messed something up on the system. I have tried uninstalling the DVD drive from Device Manager, and then having Windows detect it and reinstall the driver, but that didn't fix the problem. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. No I don't have the DVD drive shared, and I did exit CDBurner. Also I do have ImgBurn installed. The DVDs ImgBurn burns on my machine get recognized fine. But I recently had difficulties with ImgBurn burning a dual layer DVD, so I wanted to see if a different program like CDBurnerXP would work better.
  5. submix8c, yes I do have my Windows 2000 up to date. I burned 3 data DVDs - 1 of them to DVD+R DL, and 2 of them to DVD-R. CDBurnerXP said the burns were successful and verified OK. But when I tried to click on my DVD drive in Windows Explorer, I got an "access denied" error (even after I ejected the DVDs and put them back in). But when I put the discs in my Windows XP machine, XP recognized them fine.
  6. I just tried installing the latest version of CDBurnerXP on my Windows 2000 machine. It supposedly supports Windows 2000, and it successfully burns DVDs because those DVDs get recognized by my Windows XP machine, but then the DVDs don't get recognized in my Windows 2000 machine (the same machine that burned them). So I was thinking about trying an older version of CDBurnerXP, and was wondering if anyone is running an older version that burns DVDs that get recognized in Windows 2000.
  7. Well today I ended up reinstalling Windows 7, so I burned the 1.9 GB ISO image of SP1 onto a DVD and used that to install SP1. I noticed the first thing it did was to download update 976902, before it installed SP1 (update 976932). Did it really go out onto the internet to get 976902, or did it just mean "downloading" off the DVD? Also, I found this article that might explain why I didn't see SP1 in Windows Update when I first installed Windows 7 a couple weeks ago: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2498452 But after reinstalling Windows today and before using the DVD to install SP1, I tried installing the pre-requisite updates that it mentioned and then rechecked Windows Update and it still didn't show SP1.
  8. I just installed Windows 7, and the first thing I did was do a Windows Update. It said there were about 130 important and recommended updates (mostly "Security Update for Windows 7" and some "Update for Windows 7"), so I told it to install them all. Then after those were installed, I went back to Windows Update and checked for more updates, and then it showed Windows 7 SP1 in the list. I wonder why those first 130 updates weren't included in SP1?
  9. I am looking for a wireless PCI adapter that I can use in my Win98SE system with WPA security. The motherboard is an ASUS P5A, so the adapter must also be able to work in a PCI 2.1 slot. I recently tried a MSI PC60G adapter, but the power light on the adapter doesn't turn on, so I think it requires a PCI 2.2 slot. Then I almost bought a Edimax EW-7128g adapter, which claims to support 98SE and WPA, but then I read some reviews about it and it turns out that it only supports WEP on 98SE. So if anyone has actually used WPA security on Win98SE with a PCI wireless adapter, can you please tell me the make/model? Thanks.
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