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  1. Hide Administrator user on Logon but show for UAC prompt

    On a side note how can these messages be stopped? Everytime I'm on my wifes laptop (vista) this is displayed, its getting on my nerves! John Denim.
  2. Vista BSOD

    Bump please?
  3. Vista BSOD

    Ok, thanks for the very useful info guys. I shall have a look at all suggestions. Saying that about norton, my wifes laptop is so slow at the moment its crazy, so its the Norton program?! I don't think it has that much ram anyway, its no where near as fast as mine, (dell latitude d630) and my spec is not much better. Are all internet virus protection programs so power hungry? This is a co laptop so should be very restricted, but I have found the admins log in! hahahahaha.
  4. Vista BSOD

    Yea, sometimes I think a divorce would be cheaper than Ebay! Well, I bit the bullet, as she did not have anything important on :c drive anyway I formatted the disk. I used the <ctrl> + <F10> to format during start up, she had to start again, but at least there was no loss of data. The good thing is that Norton trial was installed again! Apart from AVG, is there any other free anti virus software out there? Cheers guys, John Denim.
  5. Vista BSOD

    Hi Everyone. This is my very first post, I must apologise if this has been discussed 10,000 times. My wife has an acer aspire 4315 laptop, it if quite new, she only uses it for ebay (to spend my money!) and email. There has been no other software installed, until today. I have installed some software for a digital camera, it said, " you must restart for changes to take effect" I did, but now I get the blue stop error message everytime. I don't have a boot/recovery disk and can't go to system restore because no restore points were made. Trying to start in any mode, safe, command prompt etc does not work either, is there any other way? Even if I can get into it to remove the camera software that would be great. Ps, the start up repair does not work either. John Denim.