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  1. hi fernando hope you can help me ... ] i have Toshiba a200 satellite come with Spanish vista i format and put Xp English i manage to integrate Intel® Matrix Storage Manager to my xp with nlite and all ok but laptop run for 2 weeks then again no HDD now decide to put Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate x86 SP1 Integrate English again i get message : No driver ...... i put Intel® Matrix Storage Manager in usb flash disc and try to run installation browse for the driver but no way ..... ok i have now VLITE i try to integrate Intel® Matrix Storage Manager.EXE but Vlite in drive section ask for file .INF ... any help
  2. THANK YOU ..... but what i can do with win image i need to add the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager to my vista with NLITE and xp was easy to add it but now with vista is very hard looks like any help or any tutorial ... many thanks
  3. hi how i integrate Intel® Matrix Storage Manager the files is .exe not INF any help
  4. other issue now i want to add Intel® Matrix Storage Manager so vista can recognize my HDD in Toshiba laptop a200 but integration of driver ask for file with extension INF and the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager is .exe any help
  5. thank you i manage now to run it
  6. hi installed vlite but can not run it ? i have installed the waik but still ask me to install any help please
  7. hi thanks for this thread .... i have toshiba laptop satelite A200-1NH come with VIsta home pRE ON IT as i dont like vista i want to put XP but when i try to install and boo from CD i got the problem that no HDD detected well i fallowed all the steps as montined in the instrction dowlod all the driv add them to m cd with Nlite but the problem i got with the new CD says that *** the File iaStor.sys is corrupted ***** I made over 5 cds and all time same message any help please how to slove that thanks in advance

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