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  1. Peter, I did have all the H Fixes hopefully in the right folders,, that probably installed, it was manly the service pack that I was concerned about. I can't check it now because I re-imaged the test machine I was using, I'll have to burn another CD now with the files in the correct locations ( I hope) I can't wait until GM get's the commercal version up and running again .. so I can redue the whole thing automatically. Thanks again for all your help. DS.
  2. My Source CD already has service pack 1 slipstreamed ...Oh yes ... I think I used a source CD from Dell as we have several of these laying around ... I thought aI heard some where that they might have modified some files or something. I don't remember though. -- if this is the case maybe that is problem.. but I will check the file locations first... now I'am trying to find the 'mp10setup.exe' file I have not found it on the current hot fixes pages yet. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks ... I'll check those other file locations... I thought that GM corrected all those files. ... maybe not... I burned a CD and installed it .. then under system properties .. it said it was Service pack 1... I think it took all the hotfixes .. at least it looked like it under the Add Remove Programs .. it had a whole list of HF listed. But why would it not have added the service pack? would the 'wmcsetup.exe' have something to do with it?
  4. I also downloaded the 20 Aug 05 version... and it did not slip stream service pack 2. I have inclueded the xpcreate.ini file and the log file. the service pack 2 did not show up in the log file ... even though I did download it and put into "SPACKS" directory as per the FailSafe hotfix. XPCREATE.zip

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