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  1. Well, I received mail from Intel... Hello, Thank you for contacting Intel® Technical Support. Currently the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager drivers are only provided as a .zip file. The .exe file that was used before to automatically create the floppy is no longer available. In order to create the floppy used to pre-install the RAID drivers (F6 during Windows* XP setup), all you need to do, is to extract the files provided in the .zip file to a formatted floppy disk. We understand that this may not be the procedure you are looking for. For this reason, we appreciate the time you took to communicate your concern about this situation to us, and your feedback will be taken into consideration for future updates. If you feel the issue has been solved, we would really appreciate if you would let us know. Would you mind answering a couple of questions to help us improve our web content? (By answering these questions in a reply to this e-mail message we can correlate your suggestions to specific web content related to yourIssue.) a-Did you receive a previous response to your e-mail message containing suggested web solutions to help you resolve your problem? b-If yes, could you tell us why the suggested solutions did not enable you to resolve your problem, and how you think we could make them more effective? c-If you did not receive a previous e-mail with web links and suggested solutions, would you like to provide any other feedback on how our web site could more effectively aid you in finding answers to your questions? Sincerely, Ronald M.Intel® Technical Support Hmm.... the problem actually is the 'different' content of iaAHCI.inf (new Intel Matrix Storage drivers) vs. IAAHCI.inf (the floppy disk exe file). Will reply to the dude again...
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Can anyone... pleeez.... tell me where is the 64 bit / 32 bit floppy configuration utility zip file THAT CONTAINS f6flpy64.exe ? Latest 8 / 18 / 2008... I really really need it as the files contained in the *.exe is different from the ones in *.zip format... If I use the *.zip file format, my Vista BSOD... anyone pleez help....
  3. OK, this is really weird. I remember downloading both 64bit/32bit Floppy Configuration Utility that CONTAINS f6flpy64.exe. This is for the 64 bit version. Not sure about the 32 bit version name. I remember it is in a zip file, and it contains the single *.exe file! Strangely... I can't find it anymore... Believe it or not, I actually downloaded the latest 8/18/2008 version 64bit Floppy Configuration Utility right here : http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Des...60〈=eng which was a zip file download that contained f6flpy64.exe. My problem is that, my Vista (I need to Load Drivers during installation) installation only works if I use the f6flpy64.exe drivers. I right click on f6flpy64.exe and select 'Extract files' (WinRAR).I then get an IMA file called F64.IMA. I then use Magic ISO to extract the files from this IMA file... I will then get these files (A) - IAAHCI.CAT - IAAHCI.INF - IASTOR.CAT - IASTOR.INF - IASTOR.SYS - LICENSE.TXT - README.TXT - TXTSETUP.OEM If I were to download the zip file that already contains the files(which is what the Intel website currently shows...), these are the files contained in the zip file ( B ) - iaahci.cat - iaAHCI.inf - iastor.cat - iaStor.inf - IaStor.sys - license.txt - TXTSETUP.OEM If I were to load drivers using the above files (just the zip file containing the above files), Vista installation would get stuck at the loading screen, and eventually the BSOD. I am looking for the link that has Intel® 82801GR/GH SATA AHCI Controller drivers version 8.5.1032 (Zip file containing f6flpy64.exe) Windows Vista installation shows the driver 'Intel® 82801GR/GH SATA AHCI Controller' when I load the files from (A). However, if load drivers using ( B ), Vista installation shows the driver 'Intel® ICH7R/DH SATA AHCI Controller'. Loading drivers ( B ) causes Vista to get to stuck and end up in BSOD. I have attached iaAHCI.inf and IAAHCI.inf for comparison. The IAAHCI.inf is the one that works (again, this is from the zip file that contained f6flpy64.exe that I can't find on Intel website anymore...) IAAHCI.INF iaAHCI.inf