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  1. Here in europe there is still a little market for packard bell... The quality is... Doh... They are very cheap :-> In any case... I'm not able to find the packard bell oem SLP key for the MCE edition of Windows XP, i find only keys for xp professional or tablet edition... Thanks for the help!!! --- Uff... I've searched over the net, but i haven't found also the right PID for xp mce 2005 italian... Some help? Thanks! --- Little addition: The mediacenter 2005 oem cd's that i own have pid = 76435000 The cd's are in italian language (the same as the system), but where i can find an SLP key for this PID?
  2. Hi! First of all... Thanks for the prompt answer! I've already tryied to install an xp mce 2005 oem cd and use the code on the bottom, but it not work! Reading on the net, i've seen that SLP systems have all an unique product key serial used for the installation, different from the one on the bottom. I've read that this is normal on SLP systems, that have 'something' in the bios to activate the copy. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  3. Hi to all... I own a Packard bell notebook with a windows XP MCE 2005 license stiker on the bottom, but i've lost the original cd's, and now the hard disk has failed, so i must reinstall the os without having the cd. I've seen that there are some trick to convert a normal xp mce cd to SLP, but every time the cd will not work... I've read something about oembios files, but i wasn't able to find a complete guide to made the slp cd from a normal xp mce 2005 cd... Someone can help me to use my legitimate version of xp? Really thanks!
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