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  1. Changing Xp Serial

    Already tried using the activation wizard. And it tells me that the key is incorrect. Well, thank you very much for all your help, but i'm going to format this thing and spare myself a whole lot of trouble...
  2. Changing Xp Serial

    I bought an oem version of windows xp with sp2. My PID is: 76487-645-7570745-23560
  3. Changing Xp Serial

    Well, it seems i'm doing everything right... But it seems that this illegal copy that i have instaled doesn't accept the new volume key... Could it be because i made all the latest updates? Or even for this copy being using a corporate key or something like that... Looks like i'll have to format again... Btw, thank you all for your answers
  4. Changing Xp Serial

    Could you please clarify on where should i put the new volume key, and the old one for changing it ?
  5. Changing Xp Serial

    Does that apply to a windows installation already with sp2 installed ?
  6. Changing Xp Serial

    Greetings everyone. I just bought a copy of windows xp professional with sp2. I've been searching for a way of using the license i just bought on the current instalation of xp that i have. I don't feel like formating the main disk because i did it last week. If there is a way of doing it, please share it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Home Network Problem

    Nothing solved, i can only see my computer, the other one isnt viewable. This one is the main one, wich has internet being shared using ics.
  8. Home Network Problem

    I've already tried that too, but i can't seem to find the IPX protocol to add, where can i find it? If you don't mind me asking of course. (Is it the Nwlink IPS/SPX/Netbios compatible transfer protocol?)
  9. Home Network Problem

    I have the same problem as you. Both computers using the same workgroup and computer browser service is enabled. Sometimes i can see both computers, sometimes i can only see mine and some other times i can't see a single one. I shall try this method later because i can't restart my computer now. Talk to you later then.
  10. XP on an old computer

    Well... I have Windows XP installed on my Pentium166 with 96Mb Ram. It´s slow, but it works! So the only problem with your computer is the amount of RAM you have, the CPU would be capable of running it.
  11. Explorer restarting...

    I changed back into my default resolution mode, and ended up having the same problem again. I installed the patch as sugested. Result: Since yesterday that i haven´t run up into that weird shell restart. It seems to me that the patch is working. Thanks
  12. Explorer restarting...

    Well thanx for your help guys, but strangely, i got the problem fixed by changing the the resolution (?(Never got the problem again)). Kinda strange, but i downloaded that patch, and if i ever run into that problem again i´ll be sure to apply it and tell ya Curv Boll the affects. Once again thanx u all
  13. Explorer restarting...

    Hello there... I´ve tried to search for an answer on this but haven´t found out anything... Whenever I right click on any folder in my Desktop, or inside the "my computer", on any of the drives, or even in any folder in the "start" menu, the shell closes, and sometimes it just restarts. It´s very anoying. And if anyone knows anything about this I would apreciate some help. I have even tried installing all the updates for Xp but so far no go... Btw, I´m using WindowsXP Pro+Sp1.
  14. Important Lesson to ALL!

    Try using Mozilla Firefox