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  1. Perhaps I should clarify... I'm running a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L (with ICH9) I would like to enable AHCI in Windows XP The initial post by puntomx described how to do that on a current installation after some minor modifications. On page 3 of this topic, a method for doing this on a fresh install is also listed by Vascoman Both methods are basically the same, with the only real exception being a registry edit What I'm saying is that the instructions listed in both of those posts are no longer valid for the latest chipset drivers, posted on June 2nd, because the line that needs to be replaced is not present. I was just wondering if the original poster or anyone else has had a chance to look into this yet. I have not tried anything yet myself, other than seeing if Intel had incorporated support for AHCI on ICH9 in those drivers. Unless I messed up when I slipstreamed the drivers into my Windows install cd, the answer is no.
  2. Well, I can tell you that the steps listed in the first post are no longer valid for the latest drivers. I'm sure I could figure out how to achieve the same results based on the previous instructions, but I was just wondering if anyone was already working on that. I'm sort of hoping that Intel changes their minds and incorporates AHCI support into their driver, but I can tell you I tried to slipstream these into my last Windows install and it didnt work. Just to note: The line that was originally supposed to be replaced in the .inf file is no longer present.
  3. Just a quick heads up... Intel released new drivers yesterday and it seems as if they have changed some things inside the .inf files. Has anyone had a chance to look into this? I'd really like to try this out, but I'd also prefer to use the latest drivers if possible.