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  1. I would like to kindly ask how registering components XP setup stage is exactly controlled. I am having strange situation where something during this setup stage is changing my customized registry setting (I have checked that during Start Menu setup registry is set as I would like it to be and @T-13 it is not...). I would like to try to find what is changing what during this stage and if I can do something about it.
  2. Funny thing. I was also preparing Vista DVD on Pentium IV with Hyper Threading... I did not have much time, so no more tries Maybe it is in fact an hardware/software/driver issue??? I tried the DVD in 6 other machines - it was not working...
  3. What is your problem with the connection? Have you removed ethernet drivers? Maybe DHCP client? Does it work on non vlited Vista?
  4. Isn't it known issue that you have to slipstream SP1 under Vista? I think I read this somewhere in the net...
  5. I figured out there is a problem with burning from vLite. Today I burned image made with vLite with Nero 8 and the disc is bootable. I don't know what's the issue, maybe it is something connected to using vLite on Polish Vista or working on Polish Vista... I will try 1.2 beta this week and report if anything changed.
  6. I tried to make a clean Vista installation from DVD I made with 1.1.6 Final vLite - nothing removed, just SP1 and post-SP1 hotfixes included and it turned that disc is not bootable! It is 32 bit Polish Vista Business. It was burned from vLite on good media using double speed recording. Disc is readable, everything seems to be ok, so I tried to look at it using ISOBuster. ISOBuster shows that it is in fact bootable DVD, but when I looked closer at bootsector (located at LBA 282) it was filled with 00 bytes. What had I done wrong? Is it any way to make vLite use my provided bootsector (I can rip it off original pre-SP1 Vista DVD using ISOBuster)? EDIT: I forgot to say, that on vLited DVD Bootable Disc contains only BootCatalog.cat (2048 bytes, all 0x00h). On my OEM disc there are two files BootCatalog.cat (2048 bytes, with Microsoft Corporation string in the beginning followed by 0x00h bytes) and Microsoft Corporation.img (2048 bytes).
  7. First of all I am very glad I can make SP1 integrated Vista DVD. I am aware of the fact I can work on Business, then Ultimate, Home etc but I think there are a lot of people who would like to integrate SP1 and hotfixes in one step to all editions in one step. Is this feature planned in future versions? Or maybe there is a way to do it with 1.1.6 final? I also have second question regarding hotfixes that could be integrated. I am working on Polish 32 bit Vista, SP1 integration does not make any problem, but I am not able to integrate any hotfix. I downloaded hotfixes using Vista Update Manager (version 1.3.1) but vLite is saying that integration failed. I am trying to integrate only post SP1 hotfixes...
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