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  1. Basically when the GUI setup is finished it reboots then is suppose to autologin to run the RunOnceEx stuff, but for some reason it won't autologin. I have to type in the password then hit ok and then RunOnceEx starts. It was working before but I have made some changes in my winnt.sif since then that might have made it not work. Trying to figure out why it isn't autologing in anymore...












       TerminalServer = On
       Freecell = off
       Hearts = Off
       DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes
       DefaultThemesOff = Yes

  2. I tried not removing Alanoll's Suspected: Files and Settings Wizard and Indexing Service along with MS Agent and I still get those windowsupdates coming up as missing.

    Does anyone else have the Internet Explorer and Outlook Express shortcuts missing when they test their nLite image? (See my screenshot in my previous post.) Of coarse I'm only asking those that don't remove IE or OE. I'd really like to know if the shortcut problem is unique to me or happens with everyone.

  3. Make your XP CD/DVD an ISO Image. Use winiso or cdimage or some app to make your XP CD/DVD a bootable ISO image file.

    Run virtual machine and create a virtual machine if you haven't already(there's a wizard for this and its self explanitory I think so I wont explain).

    Start the virtual machine and inside the virtual machine window click CD from the top menu (menu has action edit CD etc etc) and select Capture ISO Image then select your XP CD ISO Image file. Then it will probably load and say "Press any key to boot from CD..." so press any key. You might have to reset the virtual machine if you didn't capture your ISO image fast enough the first time.

  4. REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Warez Applications" /f

    With all the money your saving on software you can afford to mess up a few DVD's :)

    REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "Office 2003" /f
    REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\setup.exe /qn" /f
    REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 2 /D "REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\alcohol\register.reg" /f

    Not sure but I think the last line is wrong.

    Get VMware or MS Virtual PC to test your images before you burn them.

  5. - Ran nLite on regular XPSP1 CD using the recommended removal list drop down option still has IE and OE shortcuts missing, but IE/OE are installed. See pic


    - Ran nLite on XPCREATE image with MS Agent not removed still shows 826939 (Rollup) and 835732 as not installed. Also IE and OE shortcut problem is there.

    Anyone else having IE/OE shortcut problem or are all of you removing IE and OE :) ?

    Next I'll try not removing Alanoll's Suspected: Files and Settings Wizard and Indexing Service.

  6. @Nemesis300, yes...i mean if you have problems try without xpcreate and tell me did that fixed it...if it did i need to fix that, nlite must be compatible with xpcreate because many of you are using it.

    haha, compatible?

    I know the rollup comes back if you remove certain components. Same with 828026.

    WU update check for the files that are updated by the Rollup. Since it include many updates, it checks all those, and if one is missing, it lists the Rollup as the update to apply as it is the most recent.

    These are the ones I know will make the Rollup appear again.

    Automatic Updates

    System Restore

    MS Agent


    Files and Settings Wizard

    Indexing Service

    oh it's not just the entries. If you factor in the hotfixs and they're files....and how WU checks, you'll run into some trouble. I'd suggest finding out which components CAUSE the problem, and don't worry about fixing it. In under 2 months, it's going to be a mute point anywayz.

    Ah...MS Agent is one of the components I am removing, so that could be causing RollUp to appear, since I am not removing system restore or autoupdate.

    I agree with Alanoll, nuhi I wouldn't worry about fixing it at the moment (SP2 =x), but maybe we can help identify what components if removed will cause certain updates to reappear in WinUpdates. Then people will know if they remove certain components then winupdate will change. I'll test the MS agent and other items Alanoll listed with my xpcreate image, but first I am going to run a nLite only image and see if I still get the IE/OE problem.

  7. @Jazz

    I have three updates that show up on my test system.



    826939 (Rollup)

    I know what causes the Rollup. It's removing Automatic Updates, though maybe not the only one.

    I'm not sure of the others.

    I didn't remove autoupdate and still have KB826939 Rollup as missing on windowsupdates. Also have KB835732 as missing.

    828026 doesn't show up as missing for me, but maybe you removed media player.

    Still getting missing IE/OE shortcuts....gonna try 9.3 and just select recommended from the drop down and see what happens with that ISO.

  8. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but I have been noticing IE and OE missing or "acting up" when using nLite. Can't remember when I first noticed IE and OE missing since I have tested many of the betas, but here is what has happened with 9.2.

    Image created with XPCREATE slip streamed updates

    -- IE and OE installed, shortcuts in place.

    -- all updates loaded and windows update showing none missing.

    XPCREATE image extracted then nLite applied and nLite Image created

    --IE and OE left unchecked in nLite (Internet Config wizard removed tho)

    --IE installed, shortcut on desktop, but no in shortcut (programs - IE)

    --OE installed, no shortcut in programs - OE

    -- also 2 updates shown on windows update as not installed (KB835732 & KB826939)

    I'll re run the images, try maybe a basic XPSP1 cd and apply nLite and see what happens with IE/OE, but mainly I think the problem is with IE installing or not installing. The updates might just be caused by IE not being installed or recognized properly. Like you said tho maybe this will go away in another version :).

    Hope this helps and again great work nuhi!

  9. Well someone hurry up and host it so I can see it! :)

    I am in the same boat, xp unattended cd almost setup the way I like it, but now I'm thinking of making a custom setup screen, boot screen, login screen, wall paper, and theme. Hopefully I'll love the matrix suite you made and won't have to work on my own :rolleyes:.

  10. Searched the forum and didn't see switches for these. Saw a switch for Norton Internet Security 2004, but figured I'd ask here before trying that one. Also Norton Internet Security 2003 install NAV also by default is there anyway to not have it install NAV?

    Also the only reason I use Norton Internet Security is because of its excellent adblocking. By excellent I mean it doesn't make the ads just dead links on the page it actually removes them and sometimes adjusts the website to reflect their absense (along with of coarse blocking popups). If anyone knows of a great ad blocker (preferably one capable of a silent install for an unattended cd :) ) please recommend one to me. I tried Kerio but its ad blocker is weak compared to Nortons.


    EDIT: I figured it out.

    -To just install NIS 2k3 with NAV just use the msi /qn switch.

    -But to install NIS 2k3 without NAV I found a ghetto way. Basically just remove the NAV msi from the NIS folder and it will just install NAV. Not fully tested but it did work when I tested the ISO, NIS installed without NAV.

    REG ADD %KEY%\190 /VE /D "Norton Internet Security 2003" /f

    REG ADD %KEY%\190 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Software\NIS\NIS\NIS.msi /qn REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS" /f

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