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  1. It it possible, someone can guide me :/ I get so confused about allt this .bat files, Where to have them, and where to put every file =( Edit: is not this Replaced / Superseded ? KB2645640 Replaced by KB2647170 ??? KB972270 Replaced by KB982132(or only deleted in server 2003x64?) I found Info that this updates KB2813345 supersedes KB956744 on XP and Windows Server 2003 x64 KB2562485 supersedes KB967723 on Windows Server 2003 x64 KB982132 supersedes KB972270 on Windows Server 2003 x64 is not this the same as forWin XP x64 ? Or do you need both files if you have XP x64 ? For it is exactly the same update file for both Server 2003 x64 and XP x64.Why does XP x64 need the supersedes hotfix and not 2003? when its the same file.exe for both. Sorry for bad english and sorry iam noob at this.
  2. Hi Kurt_Aust! When go to the link of NDP40-KB2836939-x64.exe I I came to this file NDP40-KB2836939-v2-x64.exe http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=39257 And like this one NDP20SP2-KB2836941-x64 I came here to NDP20SP2-KB2836941-v2-x64.exe http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=39249 but the torrent file says I Need Version 1 wish one do i need =(?
  3. i talk to him and he say that : You'd have to start with the MS ISO of the original Windows I guess. Then don't run nLite on it twice, do it all in the one strip. thats sad becouse i never gonna do a good job like him did.. so thx for the help..
  4. same like Save a copy of your current configuration on the ISO , i disabled it but its save a Last Session.ini anyways. F_reg_ende_session.ini
  5. I think one thing he is saying that the "Press any key to boot from CD..." option is broken. No matter if he turns it on or off it always boots from CD without pressing a key. Yes exactly it always boot, and i have try it on 32-bits OS.. this happen when i have changes the windows xp cd settings with nLite and try it.. but not on other windows cd i have make ,just on eXPerience's TinyXP,MicroXP and allso i have make a TinyXp x64 and no problem just on eXPerience's TinyXP,MicroXP What i can see :/
  6. i try do to my own release of eXPerience Tiny,MicroXP.. but when i costomize it it always skip the tweaks or start frome cd : i want it to press a key by my self to start frome cd but it to it automatic, but in nLite i have it inaktived and no diferent when i have it on.. it starts auto yet still.. same with keybord langue its not delelate all of them :/ but its have same bug with older versions of nlite.. sorry for the bad english :/ i realy want this fixed
  7. Thx something that i loking for =)
  8. Hi is it possible to get the tweaks thats are in nLIte but in reg. files ? Thx =)
  9. Microsoft has released a range of other non-critical updates for all versions of Windows. You can browse through the list here, or wait for them to become available via Windows Update. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/Browse....rtCriteria=date
  10. Microsoft has released its monthly set of Windows security updates which you can get through Windows Update, or if not there by viewing and downloading them individually from here. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/Browse....rtCriteria=date
  11. i have exaktly the same problem but ,next time iam not gonna tutch it.maybe it shuld be so ?
  12. EvveLover

    nLite freezes!

    have that proplem sometimes to sometims it works sometimes it dosent and frezze but have happen only when i use deamon tools.. and it have happend in 1.4.7 and in 1.4.8 an i think in 1.4.6 to ..
  13. yes in older version its works and bug isent there but iam not sure if it delete the NLS files.
  14. I have exatly the same problem but i want only swedish left:( but all are back next time i start nLite. then it not remove the files in the remove box..nLite never removes NLS files and random other files that ARE safe to remove. exemple in remove files section i saw it in this topic to someother mayd BUG nlite did not remove the files in the remove box.. http://www.msfn.org/board/BUG-nlite-did-no...th-t120060.html
  15. http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/l.bmp in 1.4.6 they culd be deleted but not in newest Plus nLite never removes NLS files and random other files that ARE safe to remove. exemple in remove files section

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