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  1. Hello again, just tried it again with another pc ... copied the complete i386 directory from an original xp installation cd (sp2) to my harddisk and started slipstreaming with method 1 after step 1 copied the complete content of UWXPCD_ROOT to the "root" of the xp directory on my hdd (giving c:\test\i386, c:\test\DPfiles and c:\test\M1) after that started the run_me.cmd in the root of the "cd" c:\test\run_me.cmd few minutes later i have the directories c:\test\$oem$ and c:\test\i386 in i386 i have a new dosnet.inf containing the entries [Files] ... d1,portcls.sys [ForceCopyDriverCabFiles] portcls.sys and a new txtsetup.sif containing [sourceDisksFiles] ... portcls.sys = 100,,,,,,,4,0,3 the other "new" files in i386 are the repacked mass storage drivers and the files from the patch kb888111: hdaprop.dl_ hdashcut.ex_ hdaudbus.in_ hdaudbus.sy_ hdaudio.in_ hdaudio.sy_ hdaudres.dl_ but no portcls.sy_ or portcls.sys file in the directory now i copy the whole directories to a (new) network share and start installation and receive the error "portcls.sys missing" ok ... am i doing wrong? maybe the xp setup from a network share is a little more sensitive than the xp setup from a cd if a file is missing ?
  2. Hi Bâshrat the Sneaky, didn't write it quite clear. My major problem is solved. My unattended with slipstream method 1 works now. I had 2 SVCPACK.IN files in my unattended directory ... the packed svcpack.in_ with your changes (the catalog files) and my svcpack.inf with the patches and updates for xp. solved it by adding the lines in the dosnet.inf (optionalsrcdirs), your entries for the catalog files in my svcpack.inf and deleting your changed svcpack.in_ from my source. The second point - that the portcls.sys file is not copied by any of your methods with a unchanged original i386 is still the same. So i just copied the file by hand into the directory. (without it i get an error during textsetup "missing file portcls.sys" the strange thing now is that on the installed system i have the portcls.sys from the file sp2.cab from the original source (file date "03.08.2004 - 23:15") - not your version from the slipstream directory (file date "04.05.2005 - 22:11") why that? and why does it work correctly (without the patch)? Anyway - thank you for your help and work
  3. didn't use the files from the "old" network share but from the original installation cd ... on that i can find the portcls.sys with the file date "03.08.2004 - 23:15" in the file sp2.cab ... and after i use the BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5115.cmd, i have the changed files dosnet.inf, txtsetup.inf and svcpack.in_ with the entries of the catalog files for KB892559 and KB888111 also the files from UWXPCD_ROOT\M1\KB888111 are copied into the "new" i386 directory except the new portcls.sys with filedate "04.05.2005 - 22:11" but anyway, even if i put the new portcls.sys manually into the directory and the unattend runs without error, the sound device isn't recognized - i get the unknown pci device in device manager after the installation. Update: found two lines missing in the new dosnet.inf which i need for the installation of my xp patches: [OptionalSrcDirs] SVCPACK (i don't use the original svcpack.in_ for my unattend ... and not your new svcpack.inf created by the slipstreamer) ... so the catalog files [ProductCatalogsToInstall] KB892559.CAT KB888111.CAT were not found and used for the installation but the "problem" with the missing portcls.sys is still the same. If i don't copy the file manually to the i386 directory, my unattend stops in textsetup mode ... then i copy it into the directory i386 and the installation finishes correctly what is interesting is that the portcls.sys that i find in the directory system32\drivers is the version from the sp2.cab (file date "03.08.2004 - 23:15") ... not the new one from the patch ... but the sound card works? so again ... what would happen, if i added the KB888111 Patch to my SVCPACK.INF? Would it work correctly with older pcs that don't have any according device?
  4. good morning Bâshrat the Sneaky to 1 i think, i am not using anything except your driver packs to 2 I can't use nLite because it doesn't work with network installation and to 3 i just copied the content of my original xp installation cd (corporate) to a directory on my harddisk. after that, i started "BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5115.cmd" and chose option 1 ... after a while, i get the directory UWXPCD_ROOT with the subdirs DPfiles and M1 and the RUN_ME.cmd ... copied all content of the directory to the "root" of the copied installation cd - giving a directory c:\bts\cd with the directories DPFiles, M1 and i386 and started the run_me.cmd the same with the options 2 and 3 with new copies of the installation files
  5. hi Bâshrat the Sneaky, i have a little problem with BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V5115.exe - no matter which method i try, the file portcls.sys is missing in the i386 directory of the cd ... is that correct? ... thought the file was for the hd audio driver path? btw. just one question ... i always have problems with the integration of hd audio devices ... now with the onboard sound of ASUS P5LD2 ... after the installation just a "pci device" is reported in the device manager, although i have used method 1 AND manually copied the missing portcls.sys to the i386 directory? ... what is wrong with that board? or can the patch KB888111.exe be integrated using the svcpack.inf like the other patches, even if there is no according device?
  6. Hi folks, i use the bts driver packs with different hardware configurations. the latest one is a notebook hp nc6220 with integrated graphic chip intel 915gm the installation works fine except one minor problem ... during the unattended installation at time -34 minutes a wizzard window pops up asking me if i wanted to connect to the internet to have a look, if there were newer drivers available after one minute the windows closes itself automatically and a second wizzard window (the same) pops up (i think because there are 2 devices for the graphic adapter for internal use of the notebook display and for an external monitor) how can i get rid of this wizzard? it's only cosmetically - the unattended inst continues after a minute without any problems
  7. sure it is possible. it's almost the same as the installation from cd. there are just some small differences ... e.g. the filenames must be in 8.3 convention or you have to integrate a $$rename.txt with the "long" names ... and i think, the $OEM$ Directory must be under \i386
  8. i have the same board and i already have deaktivated the ite controller but my pc doesn't want to boot the gui setup ... so what could be wrong in my case?
  9. no problem ... i am busy with my unattended setups of windows nt 4 and xp for my company .. and the hundreds of software packages that i have to prepare ;-)
  10. hi mazin thank you for the great work you do ... the hint with the ads frame is great your workaround with the renaming of the directories looks good, but as we use novell zenworks for software deployment, i am a litte bit handycapped with such tricks i have two possibilities ... either making a complete "snapshot" of the installation of adobe reader (where i can place the files where i want) - works good, but sometimes we have problems with the browser plugins and internet explorer or i use the msi installer feature of adobe reader ... but i can only work with msi-only or with msi and mst file ... and if i don't want to loose the repair option of the msi, i can't use a batch file for the deployment well ... if i can't change the target path of (a) specific file(s) in the msi or with a mst, it is much easier for me to delete the "unneeded" files in the msi and install with it
  11. @mazin i have a little question depending on how to work with wininstall ... recently i have downloaded wininstall le 2003 from ondemand-site and installed it ... now i would like to change some things in some msi files, e.g. in the msi of adobe reader 6.01 i have followed your excellent guide and was finally able to change the msi so i could install adobe reader with your options ... now i would like to take the next step ... with all the standard plugins in the directory "...\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\plug_ins" the reader starts very slowly ... i know, without most of these plugins in this directory, the reader would start much faster .. so i would like to delete some of the plugins or even don't want to have them installed one option to do this would be to delete the row with the file information in the table in wininstall ... but what should i do, if i would need any of the deleted plugins sometimes? ... so the second option would be to change the target path of some files. and here is my question: is it possible - without "programming adobe reader again" - to change the path of a plugin file (e.g. "SendMail.api") from "[ProgramFilesFolder]\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\plug_ins\" to "[ProgramFilesFolder]\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\plug_insBAK\" ? so the plugin "SendMail.api" would be installed to the plug_insBAK - folder ... or could i reach this, if i would use microsoft orca and create a mst - file? or do you have any other suggestions?

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