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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Just tried version with Compatibilty mode XP SP2. Used an old session (is this okay?) and created a new image. My problem with the CD key is still there when creating a XP x64 SP2 image under Vista Ultimate x64.
  2. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Like nuhi said here, please re-download nLite and build a system from scratch. Like MS said everywhere, SP3 is ONLY for x86, NOT x64. There is NO SP3 for "XP x64". I knew there is no SP3 for "XP x64". I never said i was trying SP3, i want SP2. Nevermind. Anyway, any news on what is fixed in Tonight i might have some time to see if it fixes my problem. Am very curious.
  3. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    I did download the latest version just yesterday evening, version I downloaded this exact same version ( a couple of days back too but i noticed yesterday that the executable nlite.exe had a slightly different filesize. I already build a system from scratch yesterday evening with the latest version of nLite but i still have the CDKey issue. The 'old' CDKey issue was with running nLite on a Vista machine and creating an image for XP 32bit with SP3, but i want to create a XP 64bit SP2 (there is no SP3 for XP 64bit). I am afraid that this is the reason that i still have the CDKey issue?
  4. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Yeah, the specific fixes are: - Slipstream update.exe directly (when you extract SP) - Slipstream XP SP3 into XP RTM (SP0) under Vista, CDKey issue Both of them rare so better be silent and deadly. Hm, i am pretty sure that i still have the CDKey issue. My host OS where i run nLite is Vista Ultimate 64bit. I used nLite version (downloaded today) I am trying to make a nLited version of XP 64bit SP2 and the ISO i am using as a base is "XP Professional x64 Edition", SP2, (version 5.2.3790.3959) Am i doing something wrong or does the issue still exist? Thanks for any help. Regards.