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  1. that doesnt give me the new styles in Word 2003. It only give me the possibilities to open the docx files. What i want to do is to use Word 2003 and when i want to apply a style, i can choose the ones that come with Word 2007. but thanks for the link, it can help for other things! skoub
  2. hi everyone! at home, i have Word 2007 and at my job, i have Word 2003. I would like to use Word 2007 default styles in Word 2003. How can i do that? is there any way to export the styles in a dot file and use it in Word 2003? I tried to do it but i dont get everything. thank you for the help! skoub
  3. well... i've just realized that win7 take the new files in the random list. Sorry for this post! skoub
  4. hi everyone! i have configured win7 to randomize my wallpapers from my own directory. When i add a new image, i must go to the desktop background configuration and click on Save if i want these news images to be included in the list. is there a way to tell Windows 7 to take every images and also the new ones that i will add later to the folder? thank you for the help! skoub

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