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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    I think you have mis-interpreted the post above yours. He was not referring to your post. He posted and then deleted the contents as he could not delete his post.
  2. iTunes without QuickTime

    Yes, thank you.
  3. iTunes without QuickTime

    I read on his web site that there was a problem with his connection and he would do it upon his return.
  4. iTunes without QuickTime

    I suspect that whoever uninstalled the previous Itunes also unistalled the Mobile Device Support. I was only adding how I solved the problem of restoring the Mobile Device Support. I have installed your Itunes in 4 computers with nary a problem.
  5. iTunes without QuickTime

    On one XP computer, installing Itunes (this version) and QT Lite still did not permit the IPod Touch to be seen correctly. It was only seen as a camera. My solution was as follows. I downloaded the full Itunes from Apple. I used Winzip to extract the Apple Mobile Device Support installer. Installed that program and now Itunes can see see the Ipod. I can only surmise that the Mobile Device Support was previously un-installed.
  6. iTunes without QuickTime

    Since I had your previous version, I just ran the installer and all is fine. I just had to rebuild my desktop shortcut. On major updates, I will uninstall and reboot first. Thank you.
  7. iTunes without QuickTime

    With the new Itunes that you just uploaded, is it recommended to removed the previous version or can I just over-install.? I have the previous version. TIA
  8. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    I also like the support shown in the Avast forums. Not only do other members reply, but two or three support staff also participate. Hence I chose Avast to replace AVG.
  9. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    I now have install Avast 4.8 on my Vista computer. I replaced AVG 7.5 and never tried AVG 8.0 on this computer. So far, I am impressed.
  10. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    I was recommending and using AVG 7.5. I am now in the process of switching to the latest Avast. I tried AVG 8.0 on my test XP Pro SP3 computer. I chose not to install the email scanners, Link scanner, and Web scanner. I had no problems except for the following: #1 - during an update the cycles reached 100% #2 - opening a folder which contains the additional installation programs used on the test machine resulted in a noticable lag after each reboot. Avast does not exhibit the same lags as AVG 8.0.