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  1. This is my very first time trying to do this, so bear with me. I've had a VERY rough four days trying to recover a crashed system. I have a Raid-0 setup, When I install Windows (XP, sp2), I must hit F6 to install my Raid drivers and load them from floppy. I need to install XP on a PC with no floppy drive. I used nLite to add my SilImg 3114 drivers to an autobooting CD. And everything SEEMS to work just fine... up to a point, with the system loading the drivers without my needing to hit F6. When I go to install Windows, it sees my Raid drive(s), so I know the drivers loaded. Then a funny thing happens. In the early stage when the installer is copying all the Windows files from the CD, at the very end (99%), I get a message that it "cannot find" any of my raid driver files (prompting me to hit ENTER to try again or F3 to skip. Skipping the files results in Windows being installed to my non-raid IDE drive). I tried putting a 2nd copy of all the driver files (7 of them) in the root of the CD, but it still says it can't find them. I'm certain it must be looking is some path specified somewhere (like in the "TXTSETUP.SIF" file?) that needs to be edited, but I have no clue what to change. Shouldn't nLite of done this for me? I crawled the Net for an answer, but nothing applies to my situation. Many talk of an "$oem$" folder that I don't have. Others describe inserting info that doesn't pertain to my situation (like "Intel Raid drivers). I'm at my wits end. I've been out-of-commission since last Wednesday. I had to canabalize an old PC for it's 10GB drive and then install Windows on it just to get online to do all this. Please help.