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  1. try this one in ams, it's work function appPathOriginal() local cdPath = ""; local findMarker = "SFXSOURCE:"; local cmdArgs = ""; if (Table.Count(_CommandLineArgs) > 0) then for i = 1, Table.Count(_CommandLineArgs) do if (String.Find(_CommandLineArgs[i], findMarker) > 0) then cmdArgs = _CommandLineArgs[i]; break; end end end if (cmdArgs ~= "") then if (String.Find(cmdArgs, findMarker) == 1) then local fullPath = String.Replace(cmdArgs, findMarker, "", true); local tblFullPath = String.SplitPath(fullPath); cd_Path = tblFullPath.Drive .. tblFullPath.Folder; end else cd_Path = _SourceFolder .. "\\"; end return cd_Path; end sPath = appPathOriginal(); File.Run(sPath.."\\I386\\WINNT32.EXE", "", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL, false);
  2. Yes man, it was all and fully installed, but on end this error always was displayed.For wich reason i don't know.
  3. Hi to all! I have just one question about Vistapack-XP v2.6, when i install this pack silently using command "Vistapack-XP2.6.exe /S" and after installation always coming this message. Can somebody explane me how can i install this pack correctly whitout this error? I prefere to use vistapack on T13 or T12. Sure it's possible to kill this message with script AutoIt but this is not good solution.
  4. This program also can be installed silently without Autoit.
  5. OK! But you can choose the other way to open your theme in first login. Here are Autoit script: If WinExists(@ScriptName) Then Exit AutoItWinSetTitle(@ScriptName) BlockInput(1) $theme = "Royale" $title = "Display Properties" If FileExists (@WindowsDir & "\Resources\Themes\" & $theme & ".theme") Then ShellExecute (@WindowsDir & "\Resources\Themes\" & $theme & ".theme") WinWait ($title,"",10) If WinExists ($title) Then ControlClick ($title,"",1) EndIf Compile this script to exe file and install it to the same directory with your all themes -> %systemroot%\Resources\Themes\ And you can run this script with run.cmd (on first logon) @echo off Title Installin Theme... ECHO. ECHO Installin Theme ECHO Please wait :)) (. ) ( .) color 9F %systemroot%\Resources\Themes\runtheme.exe ping -n 3 > nul DEL "%systemroot%\Resources\Themes\*.exe" Del /F /Q %0 It will Run cmd file (runtheme.exe for example) from Startup folder -> %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup I always using this way and it works without any problems and without any errors! run.cmd you must install to - >> %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup runtheme.exe you must install to - >> %systemroot%\Resources\Themes\ Sorry for my English. All the best!
  6. Please explane me anybody how do i run marsinstaller from SVCPACK? i know, all my installers must be in the same directory with MARSINST.EXE , MARSINST.INI and all silent installers. So, i replaced them all in the directory MYCD -> i386\SVCPACK . maybe i did something wrong with information MARSINST.INI... Somebody know about it?
  7. Just fully install icq6 , and don't open. After you can make silent installer with using SetupFactory. I made it several times and it works.
  8. Thank you John, this problem already solved.I just changed the text from AUTORUN.INF (infirmation from Kelsenellenelvian) and it works great! Sorry for my English,and i wish you both Good Luck and All the best!
  9. Thank you very and very much!! I just changed AUTORUN.INF and it' working good! It was very easy to solve, but from my side i was very stupid without knowing simple solution
  10. Sorry for my very poor English, i would like make a full dvd with lot a programms,but when i made it i burned to dvd, but when i run dvd from cd rom nothing opened.my autorun was [AutoRun] open=wpi.hta icon=start.ico any body help me please how do i run just wpi (no windows) from cd rom. Thanks
  11. I allways runing wpi with code below: for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i: set wpipath=%CDROM%\wpi SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY%\999 /V 1 /D "%wpipath%\WPI.hta" /f make with this text file anyname.cmd and put it in i386/svcpack . don't forget to add anyname.cmd to svcpack.in_

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