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  1. Snowdog

    "Error getting clipboard data"

    Anyone? Or does anyone know anyone that may know the reply? I can't find a free way of getting in contact with some Microsoft guy that knows a bit about the OS ?
  2. Snowdog

    "Error getting clipboard data"

    When I try take a print screen an paste it in paint, paint comes up with 2 errors. 1. "Error getting clipboard data" I click on Ok, it prompts me with another error 2. "There is not enough memory or resources to complete operation. Close some programs, then try again" It's less prone to happen when I use alt-printscreen instead of normal printscreen and indeed when I have have less windows/apps open, and doesn't happen at all with my second monitor disabled. It didn't happen a few months ago ( yes I've been having this problem since December) and I took at least hundred of 2560x1280 print screens even with 30 windows open no problems before that time. I've found the question on loads of Google results but nobody has had an answer except for disabling the 2nd screen or creating a new user account ( all people experiencing the problem are running dual screens, happens to both ATI and NVIDIA users). Also found it on this : http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microso...Q_23211321.html But obv. I can't see the reply as you need to pay for it :confused:. Anybody knows how to fix my problem, copying anything else ( eg. text, files, etc) is always fine? Xp pro 32bit...