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  1. Yea i think so. The first time i tried to install xp in the extented partition, i didnt set partition active too.
  2. Oh WOW, i made it at last. This is my way: 1) Format USB stick(256MB) with HP tools (windows 98 dos) 2) Copy Partition Magic to USB stick. WINXP Installation: 1) Copy the \I386 folder from WinXP CD into the USB Harddisk (2GB FAT32) 2) Set my system BIOS to boot from USB. 3) Delete all partitions from the Laptop Hardisk using Partition Magic and create a new one with a main partition and a 1GB extended partition. 4) Set the main partition as active with Partiton Magic. 5) Reboot using the USB harddisk to effect partition changes. 6) Format and transfer DOS system to Laptop main partition using: x:\>format x: /s 7) Format the 1GB extended partition as well. 8) Run SMARTDRV 9) XCOPY \I386 from usb harddisk to laptop 1GB extended partition. 10) Copy SMARTDRV.EXE config.sys n himem.sys from the usb stick to laptop main partition. 11) Remove USB and reboot 12) Once in DOS, run SMARTDRV 13) Goto the extended partition \I386 folder and run WINNT I thought i gonna get the "Unknow Hard Error" again, but i didnt!!!!!!!!! I used a whole week to figure out how to do it.... LOL Thank You very much!!
  3. I had windows xp home edition before, then my OS crashed. Spec: P M 1GHz ULV, 256MB RAM, 40GB 4200rpm HDD, 12.1 XGA(1024x768) TFT LCD, Intel Extreme, Intel PRO 802.11b wireless(MPCI), Modem(CDC), 1Gb Ethernet(LOM), Secure Chip(TCPA), 4 cell Li-Ion battery, WinXP Home Yes i am using the same CD. After i get in bartpe, i cannot find my USB drive in A43 file management utility, so i cannot launch windows xp setup.
  4. I am using Trad Chinese Windows xp pro sp2 CD for bartpe. I only added the plugin for sp2. I am using PE builder 3.1.10a. After i get in bartpe, i cannot find my USB drive in A43 file management utility.
  5. I could run Bartpe successfully. But i got some Mojibake, and i cant install xp from Bartpe.
  6. So i should check the laptop drive with CHKDSK 98 DOS? My laptop drive has 2 partition 2GB FAT (WITH 98 DOS N XP Source) 38GB FAT (WINDOWS XP)
  7. Yes winnt run properly, i formatted the drive too. What should i do with Grub4DOS?
  8. After i run i386\winnt.exe from windows 98 dos, reboot then i got BSOD again, it's "c000021a unknown hard error."
  9. I have searched the IBM website. I cant find new version of BIOS, the BIOS i can download is same as my laptop's. What is Embedded Controller?
  10. I tried USB-stick with edited NTDETECT.COM does not work for me. I cant even go to the recovery console, its the same BSOD error 07B.
  11. My laptop is using ATA hard disk. I cannot find those option in my BIOS. How do i use those driver? Should i extract to the i386 folders in USB drive??
  12. I have modified ntdetect.com by Tiny Hexer, then replace the old one in the usb hard disk root. However it still doesnt working, what else can i do?
  13. My Laptop is IBM THINKPAD X40. Yes i chose USB hard disk instead of USB-stick
  14. I have tried many ways to install windows xp from usb, its because my laptop doesnt have CD rom drive. I downloaded USB multiboot 9 from my desktop, everythings fine. I could format my USB harddrive (HP tools, NTFS 60GB), copying xp setup file from CD (windows xp pro sp2). When i use the usb hard drive to boot on my laptop, i choose 1 txt mode to setup windows xp, then there are blue screen as follow: A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. ........ STOP : 0X0000007B (0XF99D8524, 0XC00000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000) Sorry for my bad english, please help me. Thank you very much.